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look like a combination between the Q-5 and Su-17. I think it kinda cool!!

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Where did that Frankenfitter come from?

A guy called "Dr. Snufflebugs" photoshoped it. He mixed parts of a Su-22M3, a Skyhawk and a Phantom together and released the picture at Pinterest Germany.

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Buccaneer S2 masquerading as the...

Buccaneer S1 !!! :declare:


I know it's a bit poor, but it was mainly to share my files : )

Donwload the textures from Russouk's Buccaneer S1 conversion here :

and then you could use my files with the Buccaneer S2 LODs (4 LODs to use from the Ravenclaw's FAA Buccaneer release) :

And here's the link for the Buccaneer S1 serial numbers, just in case someone would create more TGAs ^^


If you're still dinosauring in SF1/WOx (like me), here's my files for the Buccaneer S1 with the Buccaneer S2 LOD (only 1 LOD) :
But you will have to convert the S1 textures to bmps (and maybe other things I forget...)


You will enjoy the De Havilland Gyron Junior underpowered Buccaneer, with a downgraded cockpit :good: Good luck...
All minmaxextent positions updated, collision points, etc...

Any question, complain ? PM at combatace -> Cliff7600


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Veltro2K's Heinkel He-100D-1 masquarading as a IJAAF fighter.




It actually looks like one!

Edited by Spinners
Extra Piccies Added
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