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Anatolia Project v2

Anatolia v2 (09/25/2011) for SF2 Series by PureBlue (Umut Destan)



v2 Ramblings



New features:

- The tileset is now based on Stary's GermanyCE reworked tileset v1.1.

- New planning map contributed by Spectre8750

- New target areas (Mostly around the border, for future campaign plans)

- New airfields (Stefanovikio AB, Ercan and Paphos in Cyprus)

- A few airfields with new designs

- Most naval groundobjects now include properly defined "destroyed models."

- New SAM vehicles included (Crotale Standin, Avenger, L60 Bofors...)

- More work in Cyprus. Some roads, barracks, harbours.. (Still work in progress)




I suggest creating an Exclusive Install for this terrain.

The pack already includes historically accurate groundobjects, and many of the aircraft used

in the region are already available as mods and more are on the way..


Hopefully the next step for the project will be a pack that includes everything; campaings/objects/aircraft/terrain.


Have fun!




v1 Ramblings



This project has been in development for 3 years and is the fruit of long hours of

research, design and implementation work. I've met great people along the way and

they made many contributions to the project. I thank every one of them but my special

appreciations go to, Steve "Swambast" who worked countless hours with me and developed

STT (Swambast's Target Translator) which let me lay the foundation of this project;

and Stary, a great artist from Poland who is behind all the beautiful looks of the terrain;

Dave and the CombatAce team for providing us the platform to meet and have fun.


The project includes a large map covering Anatolia (Turkiye), Greece, Aegean, Black Sea, and eastern Med.

The download also includes many ground and terrain objects, contributed by the talented modders in our

community. It's essential to install all these components to get the complete experience.









This project is designed for 2nd Gen SF2 series.

Succesfully tested in SF2:Europe and above. (A merged EXP2 install is recommended but not a requirement.)


There are 2 ways/methods to install this Mod.

#1 An exclusive install just for this Mod.

#2 Installing on top of the mod folder you already are using. (meaning, merging with your own install)


*** The preferred method of install is the (1) exclusive install. Since there are many groundobjects,

ships and air defense systems placed in handpicked locations, it's better to only use the objects that

come with this projects' files. The included ones are the makes/models that Turkish and Greek sides have

in their inventory. (As best as I could research and find appropriate mods for)




1. Rename a set of your "game.exe and game.ini" files to "Anatolia.exe and Anatolia.INI"

(eg. StrikeFighters2 Europe.exe and StrikeFighters2 Europe.INI)

Run the newly renamed Anatolia.exe once, so you have a new Mod Folder.

Check this link if you don't know what a ModFolder is. http://combatace.com/topic/62302-what-is-the-mod-folder/


2. Now go into your new ModFolder and delete the "Objects\GroundObject" folder.


3. Time to copy the project files. Copy the included "Terrains" and "Objects" folders to your ModFolder.

With this project, a terrain folder, groundobjects and their respective guns/weapons are included.




With this method, you only copy the included "Terrains" and "Objects" folders to your ModFolder.




1. Everytime you load up the game. Run a quick single mission and quit without flying.

All the successive SingleMission/Campaign games will work as designed and expected.

(Why do this? Because the project includes many ground objects, seldomly the game engine has problems loading

everything, so the first mission you load up will have many objects/ships missing from the map.

The game does some kind of caching so after that first mission, everything will show!)


2. If you don't have a powerfull computer, lower your settings to avoid crashes.

If your game crashes or locks up at %100 LOAD, try running your first mission with Settings:

-Enemy Air Activiy: LIGHT, Enemy Air Defense: LIGHT


3. The Terrain has LimitedNations set the TRUE. So you'll only get aircraft with only Turkish and Greek markings.


4. A specific Anatolia_EnvironmentSystem.INI is included and you can edit it to your liking.

Take note that in the Environment file the clouds are set to a specific MinBaseAltitude to overcome the cloud bug.


5. All included Guns/Weapons/Sounds are for the necessary ground objects. Nothing extra is included here.

Without the GroundObjects and their respective files, the map will not look as designed.

(For example, naval traffic in the Aegean, historical sam sites and navy/army bases)


6. Most naval traffic in the Aegean Sea is classified as NEUTRAL. You can attack them but you can't order your

wingman to do so. If you want, edit & classify the target areas as "Alignment=ENEMY" in the Anatolia_TARGETS.INI





CREDITS (Thank you all!)



- STT (Swambast's Targeting Tool) by Steve "Swambast"

- TK and Thirdwire

- Stary for the Tileset and Hangars,Lighthouses

- 8 new airbases for WOE by Gepard

- Factory Places, Subpen/bridges by Gepard

- Many airfields Light mods by Comprnt

- Sundowner: B_Trailer_Mk82, M_trailer, B_TrailerLGB, Y_Tractor, RAF_Cart, B_Duel_Y_Trac, C_Type, RAF_Bunker, TAB_Vee, HAS_M, HAS_E, c_store, Earth Walls, mounds, blast walls and all desert variants of these objects

- Planning map contributed by Spectre8750

- Wrench! Army Bases, and many other target area items/layouts, design ideas, objects, repaints, by the master himself!

- Wingwiner's FactorPlace and Buildings, TwoCars mod

- LandRover1tonne_Command; LandRover1tonne_Cover; LandRover_Cover; LandRover_open;

Scorpion (Skin by Richard, 3D Model by Daniel ôKessselbrutö Himmel)

- Ural-375D, Ural-375D-U (Converted by Suicide and Spectre8750

- Julhelm's Factory Collection, models by Julhelm, LOD conversion by pureblue

- Nike Units: mod by ErikGen, compiled by Fubar512

- SA-10/S-300 system by Monty CZ

- StingerSite by Monty, packaged by Capun and Wrench

- Trawler and the 'small dock' with the little boats, CA_Stary & Cocas

- Fletcher DD GrinchWSLG

- Airfield Objects by Sundowner

- Hawk Batteries by Pasko

- Radar Dome by Grampotmus

- Railroads and Locomotive/Railcars by OldDiego (You must get permission from him to use them in any project)

- Static Airliners - Amokfloo

- Objects from AirbasesWithSomeSpice Mod, CREDITS:

Amokfloo, ControlTower, ForkLift, FireExtinguisher, ShelterZu

Ravenclaw, Fire Trucks Faun6x4

Pureblue, FloodLight, SmallGenerator, ConcreteBlock, SunShelter

Comrpnt, QRA and Lights

Gepard, Ahlhorn Airfield with modified Parked Aircraft, QRA

Polak, tools

- DaringRAN, HMS Cradiff by Hinchbrook

- Various target areas such as Oil Refineries, Scud Sites and Firebases Satellite and Radio Antennas, Sandbag walls, nuclear plant from ODS Mod

- USNCargoship, AK-Class by Polak

- Oiler by Fubar

- Bofors, M1_90mmAA, and Desert Pak Vehicles and Mods, BTR-60E by Pasko

- M-47 by Stefano "Steve" S.

- M60A1,A3 Pasko,Kesselbrut

- M270MLR by Bigal1

- M60A1 / M60A3 (Kesselbrut 70s to now Armor Pack)

- ARA_Sobral, ARA_Somellera by Adrian Benetti "TerceraEscuadrilla"

- ARA_Intrepida, ARA_Indomita by Adrian Benetti "TerceraEscuadrilla"


- ADATS from ODS Mod

- HMS Plymouth (Type 12M/Rothesay Class Frigate) by Hinchinbrooke, updted by Eric Howes

- GAZ-66 6x6 trucks by Spectre8750

- Meko200 Anzac by Richard "Gramps" Kaminski, modified from base A-Team mod

- BMP-1, N109, M109A6 by RebelRyder

- AMX by Stefano "Steve" S.

- BursaUlucamii by NGHENGO (Mau!)

- Atlantic_Conveyor, Atlantic_Causeway, by Polak from Falklands mod

- Humvee-M1046 TOW Carrier (SF-1 gen) by SUICIDAL-ART & Tercera Escuadrilla

- Roland by Gabilon and Mig Master

- Carguero Cargo ship by BANIDOS Team, 3D Model:SUICIDAL, Skins: TORNO

- BaresWindTurbine, BoshphorusFerry, Pier_260x10x4, Pier_130x10x4, Yesilkoy, Istanbul Ataturk Airport objects, PTT Building, by Pureblue

- Rio Iguazu, 3D models and textures by TerceraEscuadrilla

- SwissAir, Lufthansa static aircraft by Ravenclaw

- Argentine Trucks models for Mod Malvinas by BANIDOS TEAM and SUICIDAL, 3D Model Unimog : ALIKO, 3D Model Mercedes 1114: SUICIDAL, Skins: TORNO

- Many target area layouts, items and ideas from Desert3 MOD by Piecemeal

- PECCO Crane model by Fubar512

+ 105mm_L118_Howitzer; 105mm_L118_Howitzer_FB; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle;

105mm_Recoilless_Rifle_FB; Argentine_Marines; Argentine_Squad; AR_Cal50; AR_Foxhole;

AR_Navy_Tug; Blindfire; BlowpipeAR; BlowpipeUK; CommTrailer; Exocet_Launcher; Fearless;

MVTor_Caledonia; OerlikonAAA; Panhard; Rapier; RH202; Roland_Shelter; Sir_Class_LSL;

Skyguard; SmallCargoShip; SSCanberra; Submarine; Trawler1; Trawler2 UK_Cal50;

UK_Foxhole; UK_Marching_Column; UK_SAS_TEAM; UK_Squad; Airfields at

Stanley, Goose Green and Pebble Island, All civil buildingsà, Helopilot1; Helopilot2

by Daniel ôKessselbrutö Himmel (From Falklands mod)

- By unknown developers: Blue Airfields, Freighter2, SAM_Site

- F122 class Frigate by Amokfloo, textures by JimBeamer5, converted to Elli/Adrias class by Pureblue

- BoforsL60 by SUICIDAL-ART

- Komar (LaCombattanteIIa standin) by Pasko

- M38Jeep skins, red & yellow by Badfrank

- Pantsir SAM (Crotale standin) by Abhi and Aleks

- Stryker M-1134 ATGM (SF-1 gen) by SUICIDAL-ART

- T-80BV model by SWS, converted by BPAo and Fubar512, 331Killerbee

- AN/TWQ-1 Avenger by Abhi, Suicidal, Yeyeye



// If I've forgotten anybody please mail me so I can give you the credit you deserve ;)



// Anatolia Terrain by Pureblue (Umut Destan)


// Istanbul 2011


Edited by PureBlue
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You're welcome mate :good:


Just a note to all: The terrain and included objects have become very large. Thus, depending on how big your install is (aircraft and other mods) the Terrain Loading, might CTD or lockup at %100.


Basically, every time you load up the game, you may have to first load a single mission in a stock terrain, exit from it,

and ONLY after this, loading Anatolia will not cause you CTDs. (This technique solves the issue %100 percent of the time, for me)


Please check the Recommendations part of the readme.


Sorry for this inconvenience.

Edited by PureBlue

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New features:

- The tileset is now based on Stary's GermanyCE reworked tileset v1.1.


Previous Anatolia tileset by Stary still works?

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Previous Anatolia tileset by Stary still works?


Comparing the data.ini files, yes it should. If you want to use the older tileset, then I'd copy the new target/type and other ini files from v2 backto the v1 folder.

Not the other way around.Still will take some effort to get it working.

Edited by PureBlue

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Previous Anatolia tileset by Stary still works?


What's the difference? the previous is 1024 px and current is 512 px ?

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They're pretty much completely different tilesets, the first iteration was based on Stary's previous GermanyCE tileset, which he kindly included some modifications for Anatolia.

For the v2 terrain, I decided to switch to size tileset again from Stary's GermanyCE rework v1.1.

Both are 512 size.

It's a matter of taste I guess but since v2 includes more modifications I can't guarrantee a switch back to v1 tileset would cover every possible situation :heat:

Edited by PureBlue

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It's a matter of taste I guess...


Exactly in my case plain diversity as I already use that same set for the Germany, the previous set simply feels more like mediterranean :good:

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woohoo, thanks U.!:drinks:


I was offline for few weeks, and now I see Anatolia v2, Apache, Buccaneer among other things... damn I need free time!:grin:


@Brain, Squid:

both are 512pix, the only one 1024 for Germany was old one from late 2009 (but that will change...)

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Sorry for the double post, I added info to the description, for people experiencing crashes:


I'm using higher setings in my FLIGHTENGINE.INI, and almost never get CTD using the tip I give in the README. (Which is start a single mission in any other stock terrain, quit and load the next mission using Anatolia)


Edits for Flightengine.ini











Edited by PureBlue

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I downloaded this yesterday and there's a few textures missing and maybe a LOD. There's a large San Francisco style bridge with a Taj Mahal style palace near it, both are plain grey and the MV Nordic Ferry that was my target wasn't there (but is in the Ground Objects).









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The Bosphorus Bridge and Hagia Sofia.

Both are converts from other peoples Google Sketchup projects and I never textured them. The bridge looks ok though. And you will find a few other untextured historical monuments around..


About the missing target, like I suggest in the README, because of the large number of terrain/ground objects, the game sometimes doesn't load everything.

To overcome this, first I run a single mission in a stock terrain then quit this mission, and only AFTER THIS go on about playing Anatolia Missions. This somehow solves all the lockup/missing object/etc. problems for me.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I'd got the README bit wrong and wasn't using a Stock terrain 1st but a 3rd party one (Afghanistan) so that'll be the target issues solved! Cheers :drinks:

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Thanks for the quick reply! I'd got the README bit wrong and wasn't using a Stock terrain 1st but a 3rd party one (Afghanistan) so that'll be the target issues solved! Cheers :drinks:


Oh, actually I thought this technique worked with any terrain, I just say stock because they load quick.

Well for all the countless hours of testing, if I go by this technique, the missing target area/objects issue occurred very seldom.

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Seeing Wrench's EM terrain couldn't help wondering what are the chances of eventually including in Anatolia



1. Parthenon in Athens

2. bridges at Chalkida & Rio-Antirio

3. Corinthian Channel



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cutting the Corinth Canal should just be a matter of retiling (due to the game engine limitation of not being able to put a water channel down the middle of a canyon -the same issue I had in Panama for The Canal) I haven't flown over it for a long time ... would have to see it again


depending on how far apart Rio-Antirio is, that new bridge you built me, PB, should fit! As that's where/what I used it for!


yes indeed, ALL maps need more World Heritage sites!! (that stock 'ruined temple' just won't cut it for the Parthenon! :grin: )

Edited by Wrench

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i might be able to get a reasonable polycount max Parthenon (& White Tower and telecommunications tower for Thessaloniki) Should i look for some bridges too ? 3ds format is it ok ?

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I can export from Max to LOD fine but I'm terrible with the texture map. That's why some of the objects in Istanbul have no textures...

So If the Max project is textured, it should be easy for me. :good:

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Thanks mate, I had an untextured Hagia Sofia but the rest are new to me.

I'll see what I can do. :good:

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