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New "Undead Horde" squad

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New "Undead Horde" squad

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New "Undead Infantry Horde"


= For SF2 (Any and All) and SF/Wo* =


A Horrific New Enemy ™ for the 3rdWire series; just in time for Halloween!! A Just-For-Fun Mod, for folks with twisted imaginations!


Modifications/repaints and ini tweeks to Kesselbrut's Infanty squad now create Legions of the Walking Dead.


A new sound file is included, along with instructions on editing the Soundlist.ini to add it.


Included is a CAS mission on the Desert terrain, so you see how they work. Within that mission, are 6 escaping enemy transport aircraft. As they may be carring infected survivors, they cannot be allowed to escape!! Watchout for enemy air defenses as well! (NOT Zombie-crewed)


As always, fairly simple easy to follow install instructions are included, so give them a read!

Should be usable in SF/Wo*, but this is untested. There should be no reason why not...


Duck, Cover and Cower ... they're coming for your brains...




kevin stein


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thank you Major Lee!!! ... I KNEW somebody would quote that!!

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