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F-4E Phantom II, "Air Inferiority Orange" Skinpak

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F-4E Phantom II, "Air Inferiority Orange" Skinpak

F-4E "Air Inferiority Orange" Skin Pak


= For SF2 (Full-4 Merged Reccomended*)


*Note: can be used in any install with access to the F-4E*


This actually started as a joke, during the building of "Operation Darius", and took on -as usual- somewhat of a life of it's own. It's being placed here, in the "What If..." skins simple because I can't think of a better location.


This represents F-4E (no variant) aircraft painted in a VERY bright Orange. It's called "Air Inferiority Orange" for several reasons:


Many smaller, less powerful airforces still use the Phantom. Sometimes alongside more modern 5th Generation fighters. The reasoning is you take a known aircraft, with the some of smokiest engines in history, well documented radar signatures (both from it's on-board and skinpaints) paint it an exceedingly bright, highly visible color, and use it to lure enemy aircraft into traps (your more modern, angrier, birds are hiding in the weeds, running silent).


It's set up for IRIAF markings, but a simple edit will allow any F-4E user to be selected from the drop-down menu. It'd also make a very good Drone, too! With simple skin bmp renaming, it can be used for any other F-4E variant.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! Remember, this was done as a joke, so have fun with it!!


Happy Landings!!


kevin stein


ps: forgot to mention in the Credits, without Sundowner's templates this craziness wouldn't have been possible. Thanks Ant!!


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