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TMF F-14 Superpack

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I would re-download this as the team went crazy and did a total variant breakdown. Also there is an actual F-14D in there with stand in pit until we can the one built.





3 Jan 2012


Read Me:

This Super Pack includes 9 types of F-14, including 8 USN models and 1 Iranian. Of note: the F-14D models are currently using a stand-in cockpit, as the appropriate pit is not finished. The folder is set up such that installation should be as easy as unzipping the file to a temporary location and then, drag the contents into your Strike Fighters 2 Mod folder (example - C:\...\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 [type]\).


Contents include:





Objects (including Aircraft, Weapons, Pilots, and Decals)



Allow package to overwrite, if necessary. Some weapons may already exist in your install; it is up to you if you wish to overwrite them.


Notes on Loadouts:

TARPS Loadouts have been created, which include a combined carry of the Expanded Chaff Adapter and ALQ-167 on the forward Phoenix pylons, and the TARPS on Phoenix Station 4. If you want to keep this setup in flight, do not modify the weapons on Phoenix stations 1 and 2 in the loadout screen, or you will only be able to use the ECA or ALQ-167, but not both.


Also, some default loadouts include Phoenix on the front pylons but only one Sparrow on Station 4. This is because in reality, you can't have the Phoenix pylons installed and have a Sparrow on Station 3 (it don't fit with the launchers!) There is nothing stopping you, the player, from loading the second sparrow, but if you were wondering, now you know why it isn't there.


Notes on Changes:

Wingsweep speeds increased to match NATOPS numbers, rate just bumped down

Flaps will deploy up to 250KIAS (maneuver flaps were available up to .6M low alt, .83M high alt, but without a stop for the landing flap drop, we kept it a bit lower than that.

Horizontal Stab performs roll control as in RL

Myriad other little changes here and there. Watch your CM numbers for early model birds! (30/30)



Credits, Where Credit is due:


Model: Flying Toaster, BPAo

Skins and Flight Model: column5

Cockpit: Chris

Avionics: MoonJumper

Pilots: Old_ Diego, CrazyhorseB34 (OIF OEF skins)

Extra Hangar and Loading Screens: Dave, and Caesar

Testing: The Mirage Factory

Additional Skins: Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750 (a friggin' lot of 'em!)

INI work: Dave, Caesar, CrazyhorseB34

Ejection Mod: Stary

Weapons: Bunyap, wpnssgt and others


Each skin has its own hangar screen to coincide with the unit that flew it. For example the hangar screen for VF-143 will be a picture of that F-14 in VF-143 colors.


If I forgot anyone, let me know.


Thanks to Spectre for letting us use his skins!!!

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I won't be needing to make any skins for a MINUTE... :ok:


Good Stuff! :good:







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finally a D Tomcat , waiting for the pit ...


thanks guys

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We got some fixes coming here soon and something to make the overall size of the pack smaller too.

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Please don't say JPEG textures. :grin:


No, was just joshing there.

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Same here. Downloading now.



There is a update coming in a few Grinch so hold off.

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