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TSR2 For SF2 series

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TSR2 For SF2 series

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A complete flyable pack of the wonderful TSR2, I originally started this off as just something for my own use but after many requests for a general release I've tidied up the messy bits to get it into a use more user friendly release, the readme will explain all...please read it .


Many thanks to Craig for the original TSR2 model & everybody else who's work is also in this pack [pits etc]






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Hi Ant, this is a lot of fun to fly mate! Just found a few problems in the GR7/GR5 version, nothing major!


1. Hud Attitude bars don't appear and a few other HUD glitches in the GR7.

2. A/C data.ini is missing SystemName[040]=LD for the built in Laser Designator and with no LP on pylons (because of built-in one) LGB's won't work (corrected in the pic below).

3. Inner 4 IRM stations don't have UK attachment points.

4. Somethings causing a nasty shadow on cockpit view, it's bad at mid level but really bad down low.


Hud and Shadow -



Edited by ianh755

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Ah, thanks Ian, I had so many different data inis with different configurations I knew summat would screw up somewhere, I think I left the pylon mounted winders off on purpose [i thought 6 was a bit too much just for self defence].


If anybody finds any other issues or has suggestions, please post them here, then after a week or so I'll try and get an update put together.

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No probs, it's really the HUD/Shadow issue thats an annoyance, the rest has been simple ini edits. I made my 4x inner IRM into ARM's which seemed more realistic than the 6x IRM which you rightly pointed out is a bit much for self defence! :grin:


I love the rear pylon extension for EOGR/CGR's which drops them down below the front ones, thats a great bit of thinking!


PS, I've changed the shadow picture above as it's not IRP and is much worse down low.


6x Storm Shadow with rear 2 on Lowered Pylons to clear front missiles - genius



Edited by ianh755

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I'm not sure its a shadow issue, think it could be a cockpit position issue as I had similar issues early on....thought I'd cured them all.

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Cheers Sundowner! - There have been so many changes to every Aircraft that this is virtually a new pack (see below) Something I'd like to add is that the loadouts were all made around a Stock copy of the MGunny pack. However if you've got Ravenclaw007's fantastic Weapons Pack 1 then some bits won't work so here are the modified Ravenclaw Loadouts - http://www.ianhenshall.com/sf2/Ravenclaw_Loadouts.rar (there's also 2 skins in there but they've already been included and can be deleted).


Here's the changelog in full


Change Log 29 Jan '12


1 New A/C - GR5 USAF (1988-2020) with custom year based Loadouts

6 new Skins

All new Decals

Changed the Service years for All Variants

22 New and/or Modified weapons including JP233, Storm Shadow and the WE177 Nuclear Bomb (thanks Ravenclaw)

Improved Afterburner effects (thanks to Spillone104)

Improved Exhaust emitter to show engine improvement through-out the variants

Different Engine thrust to show engine improvement through-out the variants

All Radar screens centralised and tidied up

All Pylon data edited to avoid weapons clashing into each other

All weapons attachment points edited so weapons sit correctly

Changed ECM to show improvement through-out the variants

Changed Mach limits to more accurate levels

All Loadouts redone around a stock copy of the MGunny pack and the new Pylon data

Changed GR1a Bomb-bay attachment order to 4x top then 4x bottom (was 4x front then 4x back)

Added NUC to GR1a Bomb-bay

Removed Built-In Laser pod from GR3 and GR3_US model

Added AVQ-23 Laser Pod to the Pylon data for GR3 & GR3_US (GR3 on Centreline pylon using Ravenclaws model & GR3_US on front left pylon using Stock model)

Removed EO/TV from GR5 and GR5_US

Changed Built-In Laser pod image on GR5 & GR5_US to Dual zoom Tiald 500 (thanks Bobrock)

Removed 4x ARM pylon stubs from GR5_US Model

Completely redone GR7 cockpit with improved HUD and NO shadow issues (thanks EricJ for the FA-18E cockpit)

Changed Built-in Laser Pod image on GR7 to Dual Zoom Litening 3

Changed EO/TV zoom to make it usable (20nm range for viewing buildings etc)

Added A-A Search into GR7 Radar Modes and Removed Terrain Following

All new Loading Screens

Changed All Weapon Ripple Number and Interval settings


I think that's about everything!


Cheers....................................IanH :drinks:

Edited by ianh755

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