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Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1917 1.1 for FE1

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It' s up.

1917 includes four variants of the Albatros D series fighters as found as stock aircraft in First Eagles 2.


Read the readmes as usual. My readme has a specific number of instructions, including some data changes for the stock FE1 Albs, but you need to read and follow Ojcar's readme to make it all happen.


Thanks to Ojcar and to 33Lima and Wrench for advice too.


This is really proving to be a great series which I am finding a joy to fly, however I lost my first pilot the other night...very sad...he was a 7 victory 1915 ace, killed flying a Morane Saulnier in a unfortunate bump with his Eindekker opponent (he zigged, I zagged)...crate caught fire, managed to land in open field, but succumbed to the effects of the blaze. Better luck to you all.


Happy Landings and Cheers


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Sorry folks, missed this one.


If you see a suspected spammer, and you don't see any action taken after a day or so, try PMing one of us mod types. I don't tend to read every new thread and so can miss something.



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