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On the off chance that it might be possible, I just tried to load a FE-2 N-28 into SF2NA.


It worked - albeit with a contemporary pilot and markings.


It appears it may be possible to have WWI naval action, as well as use of SF2NA (and other SF terrains) for WW I missions and campaigns. I think I remember that Italy was fighting in WWI terrain that looks a bit like Iceland . . .


If the game can be modded for Japanese ships and WWII, why not WWI?


The TW Mission and Campaign customizers are both available. Now I need to find a doppelganger and a parallel dimension with enough time to model the Cuxhaven Raid, HMS Furious, U-Boots and floatplanes.











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dude you're few years old... jet planes and terrains also work in FE2 BTW

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Interesting idea! I installed FE2 last WE... as soon as possible I'll test "pour le fun" !!! :salute:


Effectively I noticed also that the last SF2 Extractor version works fine with FE2...


Coupi. :bye:

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i'm tring to imagine how much HD space that's gonna take; one would need to extract ALL the FE2 cats (ok, both of them), and place all their objects/declas/skins/etcs into all their proper folders


as to a ww1 carrier, i'm sure Hinch's MAC or the Akagi (??) could easily be repainted and reused for ww1 (provided the terrain(s) is/are set up for it with the new carrier op zones, new water bmps, appropriate escort ships and so forth)

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Hi Wrench




I didn't say easy - I said possible.


The most interesting and credible path is a revision by TK and Third Wire to offer a WWI package based on the SF2NA engine.




A post by TK on the TW forum displayed little interest, but maybe that will change. The ship combat and water FX in SF2NA are very attractive, and the competition isn't going there.


This sort of thing is just too massive for solo (or even small team) modding.


There is a market waiting . . .

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Hi Stary-


Yes, and a few years older as well.


[jet planes and terrains also work in FE2 BTW]


There is no purpose to putting modern planes in FE or FE2 - tho I did use a Spitfire to check terrain in my First Battle of Britain project for FE.


It's my experience getting mired down there that dissuades me from attempting any serious WWI mod for SF2NA.


If I ever get the energy to finish that, I'll look further, but not likely. It's too much like work and too little like fun.


Besides TK can make money doing it, and should.


See the reply to Wrench, above.

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