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Mirage IIIO Rose I Pakistan Air Force

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Mirage IIIO Rose I Pakistan Air Force

Mirage IIIO Rose I Pakistan Air Force


Install - Need Update July 2012 and DLC Mirage IIIO


Project ROSE (Retrofit Of Strike Element) was an upgrade programme launched by the Pakistan Air Force to upgrade old Dassault Mirage III and Mirage 5 aircraft with modern avionics. In the early 1990s the PAF procured 50 ex-Australian Mirage III fighters, 33 of which were selected after an inspection to undergo upgrades. In the first phases of Project ROSE the ex-Australian Mirage III fighters were fitted with new defensive systems and cockpits, which included new HUDs, MFDs, RWRs, HOTAS controls, radar altimeters and navigation/attack systems. They were also fitted with the FIAR Grifo M3 multi-mode radar and designated ROSE I. Around 34 Mirage 5 attack fighters also underwent upgrades designated ROSE II and ROSE III before Project ROSE was completed. The Mirage III/5 ROSE fighters are expected to remain in service with the PAF until replacement in the mid-2010s.


Animed Cockpit - SHFT + 1


Texture Temp by Ludo

data.ini - Coupi

decals - Denis Oliveira

Texture - Denis Oliveira

3D mod - Denis Oliveira

Cockpit and Avioncs ini - Denis Oliveira


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funny how everything works on the one did...hmmmmm

Does that mean that you do not have this problem, or you're 'lucky' like me? :dry:

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    • By ludo.m54

      View File Mirage F-1CZ Late
      Mirage F-1CZ.
      This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him.
      South Africa began looking for a replacement for the Mirage III in 1971 and purchased a licence to manufacture the Mirage F1 and its engine, the intention being to produce
      up to 100 Mirage F1s. This license was however cancelled because of the 1977 arms embargo. The SAAF then bought 16 Mirage F1CZs and 32 Mirage F1AZs which were quickly
      delivered by Dassault before the embargo was implemented, with deliveries starting in 1975. Both the F1CZ and F1AZ variants of the SAAF saw action during operations in the
      Border War.
      This version include new RWR and chaffs and flares dispensers.
      Covered unit :
      N°3 Squadron
      Annual Air Combat Manoeuvring 1986
      Installation :
      - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder.
      Changelog :
      - 30MM_DEFA553 gun folder added.
      Crédits :
      - Aircraft : BPAO and Centurion-1.
      - Cockpit : Brain32 and Centurion-1
      - Skins and decals : Ludo.m54.
      - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54.
      - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader.
      - FM : Baffmeister.
      - Interception light : Coupi
      - Weapons : Ravenclaw_007.
      - Hangars et loading screens : Ludo.m54.
      The ejection seat should be a Martin Baker Mk4 but we don't have this model.So If there is a modder who wants to make it, he will be more than welcome.
      A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered.
      Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this.
      This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware.
      Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms.
      The Mirage F-1 Team.
      Submitter ludo.m54 Submitted 09/14/2015 Category Mirage F1  
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