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Nanuchka I & II class corvettes

This model represents the Nanuchka class corvette, a Cold War era missile boat used by the Soviet Union and several export customers.


Three different versions of the ship are provided:

  • Nanuchka I class corvette (Soviet version; classified as a frigate in game so that it can appear in Soviet task forces)
  • Nanuchka I class missile boat (Soviet version; classified as a patrol boat)
  • Nanuchka II class missile boat (export version for India, Algeria, and Libya; classified as a patrol boat)

All three versions may be installed together with no conflicts or other issues.


The Nanuchka series are quite heavily armed for their size, with a 57mm twin gun, SA-N-4 Gecko launcher, and either six SS-N-9 Siren missiles (Nanuchka I) or four SS-N-2C Styx missiles (Nanuchka II). Naturally, all of these weapons are fully functional on the models.


See the readme for full details. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or constructive criticisms regarding this model, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


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    • By cocas

      View File Caf Mikoyan SM-12K Firefly
      Fictional project based on the Mikoyan SM-12 turn into naval fighter
      FM is just copy paste has usual 
      all weapons are on Gunny weapons pack
      model  ini edits skins and  decals by CAF team 
      Cockpit by Stary
      to install just drop the file  on you savegames etc StrikeFighters folder
      CAf team
      Submitter cocas Submitted 08/23/2017 Category What If Hangar  
    • By angelp

      View File Descubierta Class FFL for Strike Fighters 2
      Descubierta Class FFL for Strike Fighters 2
      Version 1.0 Release 04/16/2017
      This model is not to be used in any commercial,for-profit packages or any package not available in Combat Ace It may, however, be used in any freeware mod. According to the Combat-Ace terms of use.

      Descubierta Class FFL
      Hull name and numbers for all the ships in service with the Spanish Navy

      Installation (SF2):
      Extract each folder into the matching folders in your mod directory.


      v. 1.0: Initial Release
      Skins and textures: angelp
      Ini files:angelp
      Decals: angelp
      Weapons; WhiteBoySamurai, angelp
      Submitter angelp Submitted 04/16/2017 Category Frigates  
    • By acesfakia

      View File A-69 type class Aviso class FF /Corvette
      For Strike Fighters 2 Mar 2012 Series
      game installs...
      Aviso Type A-69 class
      D'Estienne d'Orves Class Corvette
      (Burak-class or Drummond class)
      A class of 17 French Navy ships entering service during the 70s and early 80s,
      Type A-69 D'Estienne D'Orves Corvettes were designed for coastal anti-submarine warfare
      as well as scouting, training and other secondary duties.
      250' in length and displacing 1,100 tons, these are not large ships but are nevertheless
      seaworthy - and economical-vessels. ...but are also available for high sea escort missions
      (notably in support missions with the FOST). Built on a simple and robust design, they have an
      economical and reliable propulsion system which allows them to be used for overseas presence missions.
      The A69 design was based on the Portuguese Navy's Jo?o Coutinho-class corvettes.
      Armament and combat systems vary, and there were even plans - subsequently canceled -
      to outfit two of them with helicopter landing facilities.
      Burak-class corvette
      Burak-class corvette (Turkish: Burak sinifi korvet), aka B-class corvette, is a warship class
      of the Turkish Navy, all ex-D'Estienne d'Orves class A69 type Aviso corvettes, mainly designed
      for coastal anti-submarine defense and ocean escort missions.
      Their robust design and economical propulsion system allows them to be used for distant overseas operations.
      A total of six-(6)- ships under the Burak-class are being operated by the Turkish Navy and will be phased out with
      introduction of Ada-class corvettes
      TCG Bozcaada (F-500), formerly Commandant de Pimodan (F787)
      TCG Bodrum (F-501), formerly Drogou (F783)
      TCG Bandirma (F-502), formerly Quartier-Ma?tre Anquetil (F786)
      TCG Beykoz (F-503), formerly D'Estienne d'Orves (F781)
      TCG Bartin (F-504), formerly Amyot d'Inville (F782)
      TCG Bafra (F-505), formerly Second-Ma?tre Le Bihan (F788)
      Drummond class
      he Argentine Navy also operates three D'Estienne D'Orves-class ships, locally known as the Drummond class.
      The first two ships were originally ordered by the South African Navy, but due to UN sanctions against South Africa,
      they were not delivered and were bought by the Argentine Navy in 1978.
      The third ship of the class was ordered by Argentina and was delivered in 1981.
      P-31 ARA Drummond (ex-South African Good Hope)
      P-32 ARA Guerrico (ex-South African Transvaal)
      P-33 ARA Granville
      - Put incuded folder in your main mod one...in the ..... folder "GroundObjects" directory
      C:\Users\ name ace........?? \Saved Games\ThirdWire\.....mod......\.....
      And everything will go to his position....!
      Legal BS:
      This is freeware........ it CAN be distrubuted if the original readmes and all other pieces of the package remain intact.
      The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
      This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.
      Any persons wishing to make further modfications, MUST remember to put everyone's name in it.
      Please do not distribute or post without previous consent.
      All copyrights reserved
      all is new Model textures etc...
      by AceSfakia
      I would like to say a Big thank's to this comunity,
      and special to all moder's that explain and help me many times.
      Special thank's to WhiteBoySamurai...for explain..and help in the ship's.
      Whiteboysamurai /original 100mm Gun & Exocet ...Source
      Sources and references
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale Full Hull Resin Kit
      Submitter acesfakia Submitted 02/16/2017 Category Frigates  
    • By Stary

      View File MiG-15 Bis cockpit HD
      This is highly detailed, high poly cockpit model of iconic soviet jet fighter MiG-15 Bis.
      Thanks to Do335 and Coupi for some very nice tweaks to my previous MiG-15 cockpits which were incorporated into this mod; also to Swambast for some reference materials.
      I made my best to make most of the instruments working; possibly includes some new never before seen creative solutions ;)
      Read the readme for the boring stuff and additional info.
      Have fun
      Submitter Stary Submitted 07/17/2016 Category Jet Cockpits  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File Sukhoi Su-25T Tankovy & Su-25SM Frogfoot for SF2
      Sukhoi Su-25T Tankovy & Sukhoi Su-25SM Frogfoot for SF2
      The Su-25T (Tankovy) is a dedicated antitank version, which has been combat-tested with notable success in Chechnya. The design of the aircraft is similar to the Su-25UB ( unification of 85%). The variant was converted to one-seater, with the rear seat replaced by additional avionics. It has all-weather and night attack capability. In addition to the full arsenal of weapons of the standard Su-25, the Su-25T can employ the KAB-500Kr TV-guided bomb, KH-58 ARM, R-73, MPS-410 ECM Pod and the semi-active laser-guided Kh-25ML. Its enlarged nosecone houses the Shkval optical TV and aiming system with the Prichal laser rangefinder and target designator. It can also carry Vikhr laser-guided, tube-launched missiles, which is its main antitank armament. For night operations, the low-light TV Merkuriy pod system can be carried under the fuselage. Three Su-25Ts prototypes were built in 1983–86 and 8 production aircraft were built in 1990. With the introduction of a definitive Russian Air Force Su-25 upgrade programme, in the form of Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi, the Su-25T programme was officially canceled in 2000.
      The Su-25SM (Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi) is an "affordable" upgrade programme for the Su-25, conceived by the Russian Air Force in 2000. The programme stems from the attempted Su-25T and Su-25TM (aka Su-39) upgrades, which were evaluated and labelled as over-sophisticated and expensive. The SM upgrade incorporates avionics enhancements and airframe refurbishment to extend the Frogfoot's service life by up to 500 flight hours or 5 years.
      The Su-25SM's all-new PRnK-25SM "Bars" navigation/attack suite is built around the BTsVM-90 digital computer system, originally planned for the Su-25TM upgrade programme. Navigation and attack precision provided by the new suite is three times better of the baseline Su-25.
      A new KA1-1-01 Head-Up Display (HUD) was added providing, among other things, double the field of view of the original ASP-17BTs-8 electro-optical sight. Other systems and components incorporated during the upgrade include a Multi-Function Display (MFD), RSBN-85 Short Range Aid to Navigation (SHORAN), ARK-35-1 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF), A-737-01 GPS/GLONASS Receiver, Karat-B-25 Flight Data Recorder (FDR), Berkut-1 Video Recording System (VRS), Banker-2 UHF/VHF communication radio, SO-96 Transponder and a L150 "Pastel" RWR.
      The R-95Sh engines have been overhauled and modified with an anti-surge system installed. The system is designed to improve the resistance of the engine to ingested powders and gases during gun and rocket salvo firing.
      The combination of reconditioned and new equipment, with increased automation and self-test capability has allowed for a reduction of pre- and post-flight maintenance by some 25 to 30%. Overall weight savings are around 300 kg (660 lb).
      Su-25SM weapon suite has been expanded with the addition of the Vympel R-73 highly agile air-to-air missile (without helmet mounted cuing) and the S-13T 130 mm rockets (carried in five-round B-13 pods). Further, the Kh-25ML and Kh-29L Weapon Employment Profiles have been significantly improved, permitting some complex missile launch scenarios to be executed, such as: firing two consecutive missiles on two different targets in a single attack pass. The GSh-30-2 cannon (250-round magazine) has received three new reduced rate-of-fire modes: 750, 375 and 188 Rounds per Minute. Like the Su-25T it can carry the MPS-410 ECM Pod.
      The eventual procurement programme is expected to include between 100 and 130 kits, covering 60 to 70 percent of the Russian Air Force active single-seat fleet, as operated in the early 2000s. The Su-25SM has been operating over Syria in 2015.
      Special note on the Vikhr rocket launcher tubes:
      TLR/ ATR weapons rack can only carry a maximum of 6 LGR missiles but the Vikhr rocket launcher for the Su-25T carries 8. As a work around there are two 8 tube ATR launchers that are different 'rack specific' weapon stations but have the exact same position. One of the launchers holds 6 LGR the other holds just 2. The missiles are positioned on the ATR racks so the one that holds 2 fills in the empty tubes of the ATR that holds 6. The Loadout.ini will loads both racks correctly but it is not possible to manually load them and get 8 rockets in the tubes, you will only get 6 if you do it manually.
      To install:
      Drop into your Mods folder
      Included in the ‘optional’ folder is a modified NATO Fighters 5 1986 Red Storm (WP) Campaign to include the Su-25T. It will show up an extra campaign named “861019 Red Storm (WP) Su-25T” and will not affect any of the other NATO Fighters campaigns.
      - Florian
      - Wingoverisrael
      - Torno
      - Paulopanz
      - Baffmeister
      - Y.Gordon
      - YEYEYE
      - 101tfs
      - Lindr2
      - Erwin_hans
      - Brian32
      Su-25T WIP thread: http://combatace.com/topic/87831-su-25t-tankovy/
      Dan (dtmdragon)
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 03/07/2016 Category Other  

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