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Location of Czech 1938 defense line?

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Getting interested in the what if invasion of Czechoslovakia by Germany in 1938, but can't find where the Czech defenses were placed. I know they had a line similar to the Maginot one, but where is placed? Anyone know?

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Wasn't Montycz doing something like this a while back?

Maybe pm him to see what resources he's got?

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Here is something about it in czech but with pictures

And it wasnt similar to maginot one.

The french line was forward shooting fortress from WWI, czech defense line was from small independent bunkers

shooting to the sides and back, each bunker was covered by 2 or 3 neighbours from distance up to 500m

and there were 2 or 3 lines of them. That was the light defense system and then there were bigger fortresses

with heavier guns.

Between bunkers were barbwires and czech invention "iron hedgehogs" the very same were used later

on french beaches against allies in Dday.

You can see them here:



System was based on idea that you need bigger force to destroy the fortress than to defend it

and the defence was supported by regular army in the field with artillery.

Unfortunatelly it was not finished and not armed...

Monty CZ

Edited by Monty CZ

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I'm impressed, thanks for sharing that page Monty I'm planning to have a 1938 campaign defending Czechoslovakia in Il2 using the Prague map. As we have all the planes needed (well the Heinkel 112 is lacking but we have all this:)


Ju87A and B

He111 B and E

109B, D and E (several marks of each)

Heinkel 45 and 46

Henschel 123

Heinkel 51

Dornier 17


And for Czhechoslovakia:


Avia B534 (both open and closed cockpit)

Letov S.328


Letov S.231 

Avia B.71

Avia B.35


We still lack Arado 68, the Avia B.33 ad the Heinkel 112. But the map is wonderful, from Germany to Prague.

Edited by Stratos

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Seems those guys are still improving the map. The map is called Czechoslovakia '38 here's a pic of the areas it cover.



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