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Bet most would jump at this

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Still laughing...



Dang, cant stop laughing...



Tha was great. I got a couple friends I would LOVE to do that to.

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Not that it would work. I've never seen a film to TV effect to match the reality of that like the Russian footage was. Besides, there's that issue of your eyes having to focus to infinity to see out a window, and a TV image would be a LOT closer.


Also, I can't see paying whatever an 84" UHD TV costs...$10k or so? Just for a practical joke?


It's a funny commercial, but I think the setup to make it look like it was real done was unnecessary and actually ruins it. Not believable.


Better way: cut out the setup, just show one person coming in for the interview, and after it's over show it's the TV instead of a window. Cut it down to about 45s and it would be perfect. The rest is too contrived.

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Super funny, even funnier did you notice how most everyone's flight or fright reacted the same way? Jumping to the corner and point of entry. Interesting ...

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