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Verdun Pics for FE - zip file -

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Just open the zip file for a bunch of pics. Too many to post individually. Almost done with the terrain. Need to ask permission to repost a bunch of .LOD's from a few members to make it easier for everyone. The Types.INI and Targets.INI are huge. Been fun making it but I'm going to be moving in a couple of weeks so it might be a month or so before it's ready to upload. Hope it was worth the months of work! At least I like it.


Verdun Pics.zip

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After all these months of re-doing Verdun, and adding many more TargetArea's (towns and misc places) I forgot to update the StrategicNodes as well :doh:  :stars:

I was wondering way the campains were acting all weird and the Front Lines kept going all over the place. It never ends! But it's still fun right?  ......right?


Holy crap! Talk about time consuming! :shok:


Can't believe I forgot to do that. Could have done it as I was making the new TargetArea's. Now I don't know whats new and whats original. Argh!

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 But it's still fun right?  ......right?




'Tis a fine madness!   :biggrin:

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Here are all the towns, bridges, aerodromes, medium and large airfields, train stations (small and large) and other places I've added to Verdun.


913 TargetArea's (so far).





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