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M1 Tank Platoon 2 - possible fix for crash/CTD at end of mission

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Many have got Microprose's classic modern tank sim M1TP2 working on recent versions of Windows and in Glide mode's better graphics thanks to Zeus's nGlide wrapper. However, some like me still get a Crash To Desktop when they end a mission. This seriously inhibits playing M1TP2's excellent campaigns, in particular.
This fix has been working for me...so far...! Posting here as I haven't seen this one elsewhere. I'm using NGlide - Zeus's 'experimental' patch (http://www.zeus-software.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=259&hilit=m1tp2&start=30#p2431), untested with other versions, Vista 64.

Here's what I did that made the difference. In the Compatibility tab of M1TP2.exe, as well as setting Compatibility Mode to 'Windows XP SP2', in the same tab (Compatibility) I checked both 'Disable visual themes' and 'Disable desktop composition'. Not sure if one or both are needed but no matter.

Before that, I got a CTD after every mission. Now, the missions end normally (just the training ones tried so far) with the debriefing and video clips. Here's how my Compatibility tab looks now:


M1TP2 2014-06-08 19-09-55-81.jpg

I'm not using the starter.bat file recommended by some. There's no menu corruption (GTS 250 with recent drivers); my only minor issue now is there's no 'exit' button on main screen so I need Alt+F4 to exit the game, when I'm done.


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