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Short recent documentary from Bagram

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    • By dtmdragon

      View File F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon
      F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon 1.0
      In March 1981, the USAF announced the Enhanced Tactical Fighter (ETF) program to procure a replacement for the F-111. The program was later renamed the Dual-Role Fighter (DRF) competition. The concept envisioned an aircraft capable of launching deep air interdiction missions without requiring additional support by fighter escort or jamming. General Dynamics submitted the F-16XL, while McDonnell Douglas submitted the F-15E.
      As we all know the F-15E was chosen... BUT what if the F-16XL had been chosen instead?
      And so I give you the F-16E Block 62 Fighting Falcon.
      The designation F-16E/F Block 60/62 would have been used had the XL been selected (The F-16E/F Desert Falcon as we know it today wasn't even on the drawing board in the late 80's).
      Included in this mod are:
      - F-16E (XL) Blk 62 Fighting Falcon
      - F-16EM (XL) Blk 62 Fighting Falcon (CUPID mods)
      - 8 different USAF squadrons.
      To Install simply un pack and drop into your mods folder.
      - The weapon stations are quite complicated due to the set up on the real aircraft itself and the limitations in SF2 with the maximum amount of hard-points etc. As such it is best to use the default load out from the loadout.ini. That being said if you do want to change it at the loadout screen you need to follow these rules: If the default loadout uses rail launched weapons (Aim-9/120, AGM-65/88) under the inner wings, only change it for another rail launched weapon and vice-versa. This is because the weapon rails are loaded as an EP class weapon that doesn't show up at the loadout screen.
      - The default 'Attack' loadout is designed for the mass anti-armour mission as that is the kind of CAS mission SF2 generates. However in the loadout.ini file under each 'attack' loadout entry is a CAS loadout option with LGB etc.
      - There are a ton of different loadout options in the loadout.ini file so check them out with the single mission editor.
      - Loadouts are based on the F-16C Blk 40/42 but with an F-15E Strike Eagle flavor e.g. AGM-130
      The Viper Team
      The Mudhen Maintenance Team 2016
      Original Model by wpnssgt via Swede
      creepin death
      Mirage Factory
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 04/27/2016 Category What If Hangar  
    • By Spudknocker

      View File F-16E/F Block 60 REDUX
      F-16E and E Block 60 Desert Falcon's redone!
      I uploaded a older E/F pack that was pretty awful to be honest here is a much better redo!
      Made using the Block 50/52 models now to make it look better in general as well as some updates to the skin!
      Built using the Greek and Turkish F-16's as a base so if you have those the E/F should work just fine! You should already have all the weapons and sounds from earlier F-16 packs! Happy Hunting in the Gulf!
      Thank you to the Viper Team and everyone else who has worked on the SF2 vipers or this would never have been possible!
      Submitter Spudknocker Submitted 03/29/2016 Category F-16  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File AMI F-16A Block 15 Air Defense Fighter (ADF)
      AMI/ Italian Air Force F-16A Blk 15 Air Defence Fighter (ADF)
      In 2003 The Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) leased 34 F-16A/B (mostly block 15 ADF variants) as a stop-gap solution until delivery of the Eurofighter Typhoon in 2010-12.
      The F-16 Air Defense Fighter (ADF) was a special variant of the Block 15 optimized for the United States Air National Guard's fighter interception mission.
      - Updated F-16A ADF 3D model by JAT81500
      - New skins using the Team Viper F-16C High Res templates modified to fit the ADF.
      - Detailed Team Viper F-16 pilot model and ejection seat.
      - Flight model updated to the standard of the latest Team Viper F-16 flight model.
      - Third Wire F-16A cockpit and avionics modified to include the real world ADF upgrade (AIM-7/120).
      - Team Viper effects, sounds, fuel tanks and weapons.
      To install:
      Drop into your Mods folder
      - JAT81500 for doing the updated F-16A ADF 3D model
      - TMF/ Mirage Factory for the original F-16A ADF.
      - The Viper Team for thier F-16C/AM series.
      - Ravenclaw for the weapons and SF1 AMI F-16 Skins I used as a base and for the decals.
      - Migbuster for the F-16C skin templates.
      Dan (dtmdragon)
      Since the early nineties, the Italian Air Force has eagerly been seeking a replacement for its vintage Aeritalia F-104S Starfighters. Its intended replacement is the Eurofighter Typhoon. Since this program has been running behind schedule for a few years, the Italian air force needed a stop-gap solution. Because the AMI possesses a vast number of Tornado IDS planes, they decided to lease 24 Tornado ADV fighters from the RAF for a 10-year period. This lease ended in 2003 so a replacement was sought. At first the AMI opted to extend the lease period with another 10 years. This proved to be too expensive, so the Italian government turned to the US. The requirement was for a fighter that could perform the air defense mission for 5 to 10 years, until the arrival of the Typhoon.
      Peace Caesar
      On March 15th, 2001 the Italian government signed an LoA for a 5-year lease (with an option on another 5 years) of 34 F-16s and four spare airframes, in a deal worth up to $777 million over a 10-year period. The aircraft were delivered between July 2003 and November 2004. In total, 30 F-16A ADFs as well as 1 F-16B ADF and 3 F-16B block 5 & 10's will be delivered. Four more planes will be provided for use as spare parts.
      Before delivery to Italy, the aircraft are brought out of storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz. and transfered to the Ogden ALC at Hill AFB, Utah, where they undergo 220 days of refurbishment and upgrades.
      The Falcons are given a complete refurbishment, which complied with all technical compliance-technical orders that have changed since the aircraft was placed in stasis in Arizona. The depot teams at Hill AFB did structural modifications including Falcon-Up, which replaces particular bulkheads and the structural life improvement program, which strengthens holes around the fuel cell panels and wheel wells by compressing the molecules with 30,000 pounds of pressure. The wings were removed and the bulkhead furthest aft that holds the vertical wing was replaced. The landing gear was refurbished and its bulkhead was also replaced.
      The flight controls actuators are replaced with new actuators. In addition the computers and instruments that provide the Falcon its technological edge are removed, sent to the appropriate facilities to be tested then repaired if necessary. All equipment that is a time change item and that has less than a full year's worth of service left is changed.
      Approximately 100 Italian Air Force maintenance officers, instructors and technicians are receiving F-16 maintenance training at Lockheed Martin facilities in Fort Worth, Texas.
      End of service
      On May 23rd, 2012 a disbanding ceremony was held at Trapani-Birgi AFB to mark the disbandment of the resident 18 Gruppo, which was the sole surviving F-16 squadron within the AMI. This marked to end of the service life of the F-16 within the Italian Air Force. This means the AMI is the first air force to fly with the F-16 that phases out the type.
      Modifications & Armament
      The planes provided to Italy have a standard ADF configuration. All aircraft receive the uprated Pratt & Whitney F100-220E engine and undergo the Falcon-Up structural enhancement program. It is confirmed that a number of weapon systems will be released to the AMI to be used in conjunction with the F-16s, including the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile,
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 03/06/2016 Category F-16  

      View File F-16 DATA & LOADOUT update
      I reworked the Data and loadout inis in the following versions of the F-16:
      F-16A_Blk10-EAF < NEW for v2.0
      F-16A_Blk10-IDF < NEW for v2.0
      F-16A_Netz_87 < NEW for v2.0
      F-16B_Blk15-NDC < NEW for v2.0
      F-16B_Netz_87 < NEW for v2.0
      F-16C_B40_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16C_B52+_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30 < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30_agr < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30_gk < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B52+_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      So the FM is finally corrected, the empty weights are now correct, as well as many minor other changes in order to make ir more realistic.
      Don't be fooled, I did A LOT of research and a lot of BETA testing. When I had no definite data, I calculated, so some data are estimations.
      For proving my point, I include a 4vs4 mission, Turkish F-16D Block 50+ (the heaviest Viper in service) against USAF aggressors.
      Why v0.9? There are some planes missing. These are TW planes, as well as israeli -A models, egyptian, jordanian, UAE, thai, indonesian & singaporian planes.
      As it turned out, these should be released in a vol.2
      I hope someone would make hi-res skins for all these nations mentioned above as well for the early -A models of the four european nations.
      Also a proper lod for the taiwanese block 20.

      Logfile changes
      - Added the fabulous F-16A ADF AMI of dtmdragon, deleted the old F-16A AMI
      - The mission now is on more even terms, both F-16s have now the same loadout.
      - Added the following planes
      - Now these planes are complete
      The Egyptian block 40 is based on the Turkish one, the block 52+ on the Polish.
      - Reworked DATA.INI for ALL planes. Mostly, but not only, reworked engine and weight data.
      - Four new missions are added. F-16 vs F-16, these missions are indeed very exciting.
      Known issues: The F-16D block 30 skins should be tweaked a bit to represent a 100% proper -D block 30 skin.
      Effects/Sounds/LODS/Skins - Dave/The Viper Team
      F110 effects only - Fast Cargo < The new, proper F110 effects possibly again by Fast Cargo. If not, please verify.
      The egyptian skin - mohand777
      The F110 engine sound, I was not able to trace. Pls PM for any feedback to give proper credit.

      A v3.0 will come up, but not anytime soon that will include the above mentioned "jordanian, UAE, thai, indonesian & singaporian planes", hopefully even more than that.
      Request: MORE Hi-rez skins!!!!
      Submitter FANATIC MODDER Submitted 03/06/2016 Category ini File Edits  
    • By viper63a

      View File SF2 USAF Red Flag Nellis AFB Proving Grounds
      SF2 USAF Red Flag Nellis AFB Proving Grounds
      This is my mod install for testing new aircrafts, objects and weapons. Once installed, I backup/zip the whole mod folder so I can reset it after testing whatever mod I am testing. It's also a Red Flag simulator. So if you want to take your favorite plane to Red Flag, here you go!
      Red Flag Nellis AFB is a stripped down Strikefighter2 installation based in Nellis AFB with only a handful of flyable planes against the pre-loaded USAF F-15s/16s and Navy A-4s/F-5s/F-14s Aggressors (All AIs). There are no Campaigns, only Instant Action and Single Missions. I recommend setting the Enemy AI to "Hard" to get the most out of this install.
      I added, tweaked, adjusted and created new items for this mod, but the lions share of this mod was created by other faithful modders on CombatAce - ALL CREDITS TO THEM! Thank you!
      This mod is an expansion for "Hurc's Nellis Range Mod 2.0" mod, so you will need that mod as well...

      Installation for fully merge installs only...Using SF2 Europe as an example.
      * Creating a new "StrikeFighters2 Nellis" Mod Folder:
      In the "C:\...\Thirdwire\" folder..
      1) Copy "StrikeFighters2 Europe.exe" to "StrikeFighters2 Nellis.exe"
      2) Copy "StrikeFighters2 Europe.ini" to "StrikeFighters2 Nellis.ini"
      3) Create a short cut of "StrikeFighters2 Nellis.exe" on your desktop.
      4) Run the "StrikeFighters2 Nellis.exe" short cut. Once the game starts, Exit.
      5) You have now created a new "StrikeFighters2 Nellis" mod folder in \user\...\Saved Games\...
      Mine looks like this...Yours may/will look different.
      C:\Users\<Your_Name>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Nellis\
      * Download and install "Hurc's Nellis Range Mod 2.0":
      1) If you haven't already - download, uncompress and install "Nellis Range 2.0" into your new SF2 Nellis Mod Folder.
      2) Run the "StrikeFighters2 Nellis" short cut to start the game.
      3) In the Single Missision Menu, Ensure\Select the F-15A and the Nellis Terrain. Exit Menu to Main.
      4) Optional, set up the Pilot and Options menus to your liking or do this later. Exit Menu to Main.
      5) Exit from Main.
      * Configure and install the "Red Flag Nellis" Mod:
      In the "C:\Users\<Your_Name>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Nellis\" folder...
      1) Under the "Objects" folder, delete both "Aircraft" and "Decals" folders.
      2) Uncompress "USAF RED FLAG..." zip file...
      3) Copy the contents of "To_Mod_Folder" to your SF2 Nellis Mod Folder. Overwrite.
      * Last steps...
      1) Copy the "INITNELLIS.BMP" file from the new "Red Flag Nellis" Mod folder to "C:\...\Thirdwire\Menu" folder...
      2) Edit "C:\...\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Nellis.ini"...
      a) Under [startup], change "LoadingScreen=" from "Menu\INITSCREEN.BMP" to "Menu\INITNELLIS.BMP". Save.
      3) Edit "C:\Users\<Your_Name>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Nellis\Options.ini" file.
      a) Under [instantAction], change "MissionMap=" from "GermanyCE" to "NELLIS_RANGE". Save.
      * Now you have completed the install of the "USAF Red Flag Nellis AFB" and "Nellis Range" mod packs.
      * I recommend setting the Enemy AI to "Hard" to get the most of this pack.
      * Install any new or your favorite plane mods to test at the Nellis AFB.
      ********* Credits ********
      Hurc's Nellis Range Mod 2.0 - Steve "Hurc" Crane
      Original Bombing Range/Mescalero Proving Grounds:
      - Deuces
      - Bunyap
      - Wrench
      - ChampionsVA56
      Objects & Mods used for the Nellis Range Update:
      - Nellis Airbase, buildings/hangars and terrain mod: Me
      - Static and Target versions of several vehicles or A/C: Me
      - BANIDOS TEAM: Aircraft Weapon Loading Set (A-10 and F-16 static models)
      - Amokfloo: ControlTower, ForkLift, FireExtinguisher
      - Ravenclaw: Fire Trucks
      - Pureblue and Sundowner: FloodLight, SmallGenerator, ConcreteBlock, SunShelter, and most of the ground equipment
      - Factory and building Models: Wingwiner
      - Generic Hangars: CA_Stary
      - Hi-Res Desert tiles: JSF_Aggie
      - ChampionsVA56: Mockup AAA and radars, basic range target layout
      Drones and A/C included: (All downloaded from CombatAce.com)
      - QF-100D drone
      - A-4F Aggressor
      - F-5E Aggressor
      - F-16C Aggressor
      - F-16C Thunderbirds
      - QF-106A drone
      - BQM-34 Firebee drone
      SF2 Scooters! Vol.2 - Aggressors for TW A-4 and Fractures TA-4 Skyhawks 1.0 - Nyghtfall
      - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the cockpit-parts I used.
      - Fracture, Wrench for the original TA-4J Pack and Model.
      - dtmdragon for his A-4 Aggressor pack, on which this is based.
      - RAVEN - LAU-129 missile-rail
      - ravenclaw_007 - ACMI-Pod
      - 331Killerbee - CAP-9 from his Ordnance Shop II Pack
      - Alejandro - Escapac seat
      - FastCargo - FakePilot
      - ???? - TopGun pilot
      - ???? - J52-Sound
      - ???? - 150gal OV-10A-tank
      - Nyghtfall skins, decals, loadingscreens, ini-work, modified A-4E cockpit.
      F-16C Block 30/32 Aggressors by The Viper Team 1.2
      Pit by ravenclaw. (Ok now he has gone too far.....)
      Models by bpao, modified highly by Jat and ravenclaw.
      Skins templates by Migbuster and EricJ
      MFD panel glass by Stary
      Units skins by Sony Tuckson, Jat, Migbuster and EricJ
      ACMIs, CATM-9's and ALQ-167 by ravenclaw
      Technical adviser, Sony Tuckson (If we got it wrong he cracked the whip!)
      Avionics by Jat and Crusader (You cant get anything past Crusader, the best MK1 eyeball in SF)
      Brain32, for FM, Avionics work.
      Crash test Dummy and screens, Dave
      CrazyhorseB34, the other dummy
      TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack v1.21 Full - Spectre8750
      Model: Flying Toaster, Oli
      Cockpit: Chris (original), reworked and updated by Brain32
      FM: ThirdWire, Column5, Spectre8750, Caesar
      Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
      Pilots: Old_Diego, CrazyhorseB34
      Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5
      NATOPS Textures: HomeFries
      Extra Hangar, Loading and Main Screens: Dave, Spectre8750
      Ejection Mod: Stary
      Testing: Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750
      TARPS: Bunyap and Spectre8750
      Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others
      TMF F-14D_96 Aggressor flanker scheme V1.01 - Blackburn32
      I think someone requested an F-14 aggressor/flanker style skin for the Tomcat, so here is my effort! Keep in mind this is the first time I've attempted to skin a bird so it's a not the best possible version of this yet!
      F-15 Super Pack (Version 2.4) - FastCargo
      TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
      The Mirage Factory - For the nice F-15D MSIP aircraft...in particular Flying Toaster, wpnssgt, and Dave for making the F-15 MAX files available for me to play with.
      Kei Nagase - For the awesome skins for the F-15 ACTIVE.
      AleDucat - For the nice ACES II ejection seat models.
      Deuces - For the F-15 Afterburner and weapon effects.
      Diego - For the Modern USAF Pilot skins.
      Fubar512 - For the FM work.
      JimmyBib - For the F-15C cockpit flight control textures.
      MoonJumper - Avionics work.
      Sundowner - Textures.
      USAFMTL/Dave - Decals.
      Wpnssgt - Models, Textures.
      Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit.
      Kout - Loading and Hanger Screens.
      Kct - Textures and decals for the F-15SG.
      Brain32 - Improved/new textures for F-15C cockpit.
      Mago - F-15E Cockpit.
      331KillerBee - SF2 Weapons Pack (basis for some of the weapons included).
      Lexx Luthor - Siberian Sky Experimental 3-D Rocket Exhaust
      JAT81500 - F-15E Cockpit avionics and HUD work.
      To my fellows at Combatace for helping me beta test and work out bugs.
      F-15C "Grim Reapers", 493rd TFS 48th TFW, RAF Lakenheath Version 1 - Viper63a
      Credits: Fastcargo, Sundowner, Dave. James Fox, Wrench et all for the EXCELLENT mods in CombatAce!
      Hollywood Explosions - Stary
      What can I say...just love his effects!!
      SF2 TopGun F-14 Pilots: Maverick/Goose, Viper/Jester & Iceman/Slider! Version 2 - Viper63a
      Western Style Pilot Models (SF1/SF2) - Florian - "AmokFloo"

      QF-16 Zombie Viper (SF1) - LeL

      DAVE for the F-16C Block 30 Version 1.0
      and TEAM VIPER
      Original Model by Swede
      Additional Model Work by Wpnssgt
      Flight Model by Column5
      Skins by Wpnssgt & USAFMTL
      F-16A Cockpit by ??? Briliant work
      Loading & Hangar Screens by LeL

      I think that about covers it. If I missed anyone, I am sincerely sorry...please let me know and I will update the Credits list...
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 09/22/2015 Category User Made Missions  

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