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I try to fix the HUD problem. As you see in my screenshot, the roll triangle which indicate the roll status is in wrong place. It should have be in the middle down side when the aircraft is level and be in the 40 degrees in the right side of HUD. But now, the whole thing is offset to the left side.

( I load my modified .tga IMG instead of default one, make it easier to identify. You can see it in left side of the picture. The default IMG is HUD_bankindic.tga which is just a small downward triangle to indicate the roll status )





I modified the [HUD_BankIndicator] from (aircraft)_AVIONICS.ini


ScaleImagePosition=0.0,0.030          <------ I guess it is in form of  ( X,Y ). But no matter what value I set, the HUD_bankindic.tga is in the wrong position as it before




Can somebody tell me how to fix it?





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Heres how I set it up in my F-22 avionics and some others I made but who are not released.






 I use separate sections for the scale and the indicator, with the key the FixedScale=TRUE in the indicator section.

I think it was Dels who figured that out first.

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Heres how I set it up in my F-22 avionics and some others I made but who are not released.




Perfect solution !  Thanks very much!

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