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Aircraft types not updating in SF2I campaigns

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I've recently been playing the campaigns from the SF2I expansion pack. However I've noticed that in the Attrition War campaign that most Arab aircraft types that are suppose to update to a different type throughout the campaign are not doing so. If I fly the Arab version of the campaign I do not see this problem, so it obviously only effects non-player aircraft. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Tis normal..


You might not always get the upgrade, supply and other constraints limit what and when they're availale, and combat status may prevent unit from upgrading immediately (there has to be a lull in combat for unit to upgrade) so the date you specify is the earliest the plane will be available.



From own experience the "lull in combat" was rather important.

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I've also learned here from the forum,that the game's engine can't upgrade at the same time aircraft tipes and texture.

If you have a MiG-17F with EAFCamo1 that will upgrades to MiG-21PF with EAFCamo2 for ex, the plane don't upgrade.If you simply cnange the texture to EAFCamo1 the upgrades work,thrust me,this happened to me with the IAF bird.

After upgrades,you simply change the camo of the planes from the Loadout menu.

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