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Unfortunately, no.  The terrains are small scaled small enough that external tanks generally get you where you need to go.

Even with this sim's limitations (and there are a few), it's still preferable to other 'top-tier' titles.  There are a lot of very creative people here who have dedicated an immense amount of time crafting ways around these limitations, producing some work that might not do everything we'd like it to do, but it does a lot more than it used to.

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I'm scared in the sense that, how many planes do we have in SF2 series? NEVER again will we see such amount of flyable birds in any other sim. As people tend to whine about ultra realistic jets, is impossible to make more than a few before the complete engine is outdated. It happens exactly the same in WW2 series. Il2 has now hundreds of flyable WW2 and beyond birds, but we will never see such amount of planes anymore.

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