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Graphics Card Price Spike.

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Was anyone else here aware of this? I only found out because I came across the video below. There goes my plan to build a new system this year.


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Yep.  I did my upgrade last year and paid up for a 1080ti.  At the time, mine (an evga) cost about $730.  Current asking price for the same model is $1250 on newegg as of today.  Memory, too, has gone up, but not so ridiculously.  Supposedly, brick and mortar stores like Best Buy haven't been as affected from a pricing standpoint, but a lot of their stock is sold out.  Sucks for builds at the moment!

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I bought an MSI GTX 1080 for $470 from NewEgg last spring and want to get another one so my son's PC can run an Oculus Rift. I was astounded to find my exact card going for around $1,200. Maybe I should sell my card and give up gaming for a while, then buy 2 when the prices come back down... if they ever do. This must be heaven for nVidia and AMD since all of their cards with good bitcoin performance have sold out like crazy. I wish a thousand deaths to the digital currency market so that I can afford to keep building decent flight sim PCs.

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Didn't see this coming...thought the prices might go up if Desktops became less popular.


I can wait.............the 780 is still pretty good for what I use it for.



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