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Fly EAWPRO at the EAW Launchpad

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Visit the EAW Launchpad for online games with EAWPRO, have a chat with like minded or for help and guidance relating to v1.2 derivatives!

Teamspeak server details can be obtained via our (admission free) chatroom as it may change:


Just leave a message or e-mail adress in our chatroom and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Open all day ,no membership required, professional help or just a chat. And you can also have a look at my latest creations or just visit our screenshot gallery to get an impression of our games!


[Linked Image]



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    • By VonBeerhofen
      Derived from my Reichenberg and still carrying some of it's details but with a fully working Rendering Sequence. There is a pilot inside too but I couldn't use the Reichenberg's tranparency file but he's in there. The skin is largely from the Reichenberg with a white overlay and all colors removed from the plane and a quick Nippon dot replacing the German insignia. Later a proper skin with proper shading will be added but first the model needs to be tweaked so all V1 details are properly adapted to get the model as it should be. Notice that the model has 8 sides, like my Reichenberg, giving it a rounder shape then the stock V1. Couldn't squeeze more out of it due to the model's small size which limits the circumference of a circle polygon. However large planes can use this technique too and may be able to use 10 or 12 sides.

    • By VonBeerhofen
      In line with the latest weapons loadout expansion, which adds some 7 or 8 new selectable weapons to EAWPRO the FritzX guided bomb was created. The bomb with an 800 KG warhead was used in anti shipping raids and carried by the JU 88 amongst others. The plan is to use every available weapon slot and hopefully make em work too. The FritzX for now is a selfpropelled weapon with a high drop ratio since human control of guided missiles or bombs is not yet programmed in EAW, so it'll have to do for now.

    • By VonBeerhofen
      Using a very old texture design which used to be UHR (= 512 x 256) redesigned for standard texture size 256 x 256 in 8 bit. 3D model may still change as it was selected from my base library of models. Another one may be more impressive, you never know.

    • By VonBeerhofen
      Now playing in the EAW Launchpad, Operation Husky, the Allied Invasion of Italy. New true WWII railroad map (in yellow).

    • By VonBeerhofen

      A while back EAWPRO was called AFB (All Flyable Bombers) but I was forced to change the name to EAWPRO because Mr. Jelly released an addon with the same name. He also has a so called EAWPRO theatre meant for use in his version and one for use with OAW. Recently an addon appeared for SPAW named the Final Cut, a name which I have used for almost a decade for a work in progress.

      What's the goal of such actions, don't people realise that it will only lead to confusion and possible cross contamination of addons? What's created for EAWPRO will screw up addons which were not created for EAWPRO and vice versa. I have uploaded a SPAW_UPGRADE.ZIP (Special Air War) to my FTP site to demonstrate the danger, it is NOT for the SPAW addon but for EAWPRO and I hope people can imagine what would happen when this addon would be added to a none EAWPRO version. This addon is for the active Launchpad members only and should NOT be added to any other vesion but EAWPRO!

      Whatever the goal is, it's dangerous and detremental to the game and I advice people to stay away from such use. If you don't then you're knowingly putting people's computers at risk. The name The Final Cut has been used for an EAWPRO work in progress for a very long time now and the use elsewhere is pure folly, as everyone in the EAW community will understand.
      A simmilar warning like this was treated in another forum as a threat and got me banned for two months due to my poor knowledge of the English language, IT IS NOT A THREAT, IT IS A PLEA TO STOP THIS IRRESPONISBLE BEHAVIOUR AND A WARNING TO THE EAW COMMUNITY TO BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE CROSS CONTAMINATION OF ADDONS WHICH CAN POSSIBLY HARM PEOPLE'S COMPUTERS!

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