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Happy Holidays!

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I first posted this two years ago and I'm re-gifting this to all of you this year.

A completely flyable Santa Claus for FE (both FE1 and FE2,) including a cockpit view.

He's probably the most well known pilot of all time, but never shot down another plane. He may wear different uniforms and be known by many names but he is always remembered for his message of peace and goodwill. 

Installation Instructions
Download and open the attached Zip file (below). Put the folder named "Santa" into your First Eagles "Aircraft" folder.

Start in the air - Santa does not take off and land very well, (too many hooves) so it is best to begin your mission in the air.

Easy mode only - I didn't spend a lot of time on the FM. The center of gravity is too close to the back, so he doesn't fly well in "Normal" or "Hard" modes. 

Extra aircraft - By default, First Eagles assigns two planes to a recon flight. You can remove one of them in the Loadout screen.

Avoid AA - He's neutral and unarmed, but ground-based AA will still open fire when he gets close. 

Remember to set the mission date to a Winter month.

Now, go spread some Holiday Cheer.





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Okay, we need some ordinance here. Santa should drop gift packages to the troops below. :biggrin: Happy Holidays, to one and all at CombatAce.

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eerrrmmmm after thinking it over ...I know there was a flying Snoopy model a looooong time agooo...does anyone have a copy left somewhere?




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