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OMFG!!  Congratulations bazillius, man, this is one of the best packages I've ever seen!  I can see you've put lots of Love in both the external model and the cockpit... not to mention the textures.. work of Art!

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3 hours ago, sukhoy34 said:

Thank you so much man, I am waiting this beauty long time ago....

Good. i am working at MiG-35 and MiG-29 KUB. The model is complete but cockpit is ready about 20% only. So you can start your new waiting from today.

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1 hour ago, sophocles said:

..and the cockpit...

Cockpit isn't my work. i took it from Mirage Factory's Mig-29A. MiG-29A and UB has the same cockpit and it is still nice. MiG-35 cockpit will be new, but i do nt know when i finish it. May be soon may be not.

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On 4/21/2019 at 11:43 AM, Gepard said:

Nice plane. Well done.

Only one thing.

The MiG-29UB was izdeliye 9-51, not 5-51.

yes, it is my misprint, i did another misprint in the readme. i have writen Mig-29UM. But i do not want to change the name and reupload the file. next time i will fix with updates.

Edited by bazillius
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      Patriotic-minded technician crews began to paint over the red stars with a green colour and atop of it the blue Ukrainian Shield with Trident.  First MiGs which changed the aggressor's stars to Ukrainian marks was at Crimea Belbek. It was yellow trident in a blue circle and  blue circles and a big yellow dot in it at wings.
      August 24, 1991 was proclaimed the independence of Ukraine. Soon, officially, new insignia, a square shield with a trident and yellow circles with blue big dot in them were approved. All MiGs  got new identification marks and shields for the tails. Soon they got new camouflages and was recolored in gray-blue scheme and gray-grean Ukrainian scheme.
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      1. Unpack files to your mod folder as you do usual with mods. You need installed Mirage Factory Fulcrums. CHECK YOUR FOLDERS! It can be different then mine.
      I done skin with "official" tail Shield for MiG-29A and  with "non ufficial" rounded shield for MiG-29C to both aircraft appear in game with different shields, cuz in real, some times both variants was at Ukrainian Sky.
      2. You need to correct start year in your NATIONS.INI if you have it in mod folder:
      DisplayName=Ukrainian Air Force
      3. Add in your MiG-29A_USERLIST.INI if you have n't it yet
      and in your MiG-29C_USERLIST.INI

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      White numbers of Digital Camo is not correct to real aircrafts. Must be white numbers and blue outline and white numbers and yellow outline. If you have anough health to outline all needed decals do not stop youself. I haven't. Please  make this work if you want and share it. You can fix skins, improve, redraw and use in your packs.

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