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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my weapon editor! after I changed sf2 NA from a location C: to D: I simply open the editor and nothing is empty! In sf2 appears all there to select and arm and play but in the editor does not appear and I have no way to edit

D: \ SAVED GAMES \ ThirdWire \ StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic-mod.exe \ Objects \ Weapons

  in the directory
TargetDirectory = C: \ Thirdwire \ SFP_FalklandsPack \ SFP_FalklandsPack \ Objects \ Weapons
ImportDirectory = D: \ Strike Fighters_SP4 \ Strike Fighters \ Objects \ Weapons
PositionX = 698
PositionY = 96

it's all scrambled!
  can someone help me ?!

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You know, if you'd have posted this in the SF2 Forums, INSTEAD of The Pub, the people that could help you might actually see it. So, it's been moved to the correct Forum, to try and give you the assistance you require.

Remember, SF2 questions GO in the SF2 Forums!


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Open weapondata.ini   in your saved games\blah blah\blah blah\utilities   and check the paths

mine is ,(last thing added)




ImportDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games
SaveAsDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games
OpenDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games

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5 hours ago, yakarov79 said:

reinstal weapon editor.

easiest way yep

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    • By JamesWilson
      Hi everyone,
      I recently got into weapon modding and wanted to edit some missiles.
      I went for the Weapons Folder with the Weapons Editor, and some weapons were missing, even tho i can see them and equip them in-game.
      I wanted to edit the AA-2D Atoll for my Su-22M3, but there's no AA-2 folder inside Weapons folder, nor inside plane folder, even tho the missile is equippable and i can see it/use it in-game.
      Since there's no Atoll folder, i have no idea how is it possible for me to have it in-game, and even less i know on how am i supposed to edit it through Weapons Editor, since i can't select the folder.
      I thought it may be a sort of "built-in-game" missile and for this reason not showing in weapons folder (idk i just made an hypothesis).
      So i tried using the CAT Extractor, but seems like not working... no matter which CAT file i select, it says "error opening this .CAT file, no files can be extracted", how's that? How do i fix it? Am i doing something wrong?
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      I'm not talking about how to customize the callsign name, but the unit number after it.
      As you can see in the Roster and in the picture under, i get "Fast Eagle 1-1" and "Fast Eagle 1-2"
      Here are some examples:

      The numbers on the tail, wing and nose numbers are customized, cause i managed how to change them, choosing them individually for each unit in the mission file by changing "AircraftNumber=" and typing the number, like "2" (as for 202). It doesn't change by typing the whole number tho, like 202 by typing 202, but it goes by typing the number that corresponds to the list of numbers you have. For example, In a list that goes from 200 to 400, you will have to type 10 to get 300. Here i just typed "2" and "7" since the list starts from 200

      IIRC, in the past i just used to type the Aircaft number just like that, and in-game i had the proper number after the callsign, like "Fast Eagle 102", not just the number displayed on the plane livery.
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      I’m flying an F-16I Sufa mod for Strike Fighters 2 Israel. I’ve modified the loadout ini file in an attempt to change the missile types and positions on the pylons. I’m having a consistent issue with the outer pylons (not the wingtip mounts, but the furthest pylons from the fuselage under the wings). I want these to carry one AMRAAM each, and as far as I can tell I have modified the loadout ini, the related missile object inis, and aircraft ini to be able to accommodate this. However, when I go to a single mission in-game and access the loadout screen, those outer pylons are always empty (no missiles). When I go to add missiles manually to these pylons, all AMRAAM types only are available in “4s” and not “2s.” So in other words it’s trying to mount 2 AMRAAMs on each pylon, which shouldn’t be possible (realistically), as these are set up for single missiles only. The F-16I ini file does have a relatively complex series of pylon rules, but I believe I have it set up to be able to mount AMRAAMs on these pylons, and I can’t find any setting in any file that would allow me to indicate there should only be the option to mount one missile per pylon in the loadout screen in game. I suspect a setting related to this “4 missiles” issue is preventing my loadout ini file from operating correctly and defaulting my vipers to have AMRAAMs on those pylons. 
      Any thoughts on a setting I am missing here?
    • By LaoHu
      I downloaded this mod for the F-5 and all of the skins for the aircraft are black, which means the textures aren't loading but I can't find out why it isn't loading. There is no exact installation instructions other than extract it into the mod folder which I did and there doesn't look like there are any issues with the file placement compared to the other aircraft files. Can anyone help me out?

      P.S. the drop tanks have the textures working and the cockpit, loading screen, menu, etc all work. Everything but the skin. 

    • By pearlharbor74
      Ok so in sf2 when i try to spawn ground vehicles with mission editor like an anti aircraft just any ground vehicle from mission editor it does not pop up inside the game once i load in not even on  the map it just like vanishes once i click accept from mission editor. Inside the mission editor i can spawn everything else without a problem planes/ships/ that stuff yk just cant spawn ground objects can someone pls help :)
      2023-02-25 02-20-56_Trim.mp4

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