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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my weapon editor! after I changed sf2 NA from a location C: to D: I simply open the editor and nothing is empty! In sf2 appears all there to select and arm and play but in the editor does not appear and I have no way to edit

D: \ SAVED GAMES \ ThirdWire \ StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic-mod.exe \ Objects \ Weapons

  in the directory
TargetDirectory = C: \ Thirdwire \ SFP_FalklandsPack \ SFP_FalklandsPack \ Objects \ Weapons
ImportDirectory = D: \ Strike Fighters_SP4 \ Strike Fighters \ Objects \ Weapons
PositionX = 698
PositionY = 96

it's all scrambled!
  can someone help me ?!

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You know, if you'd have posted this in the SF2 Forums, INSTEAD of The Pub, the people that could help you might actually see it. So, it's been moved to the correct Forum, to try and give you the assistance you require.

Remember, SF2 questions GO in the SF2 Forums!


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Open weapondata.ini   in your saved games\blah blah\blah blah\utilities   and check the paths

mine is ,(last thing added)




ImportDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games
SaveAsDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games
OpenDirectory=C:\Users\Russouk\Saved Games

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      i have still to figure out how to properly mod my new sf2 install and i am a bit of a dumdum when it comes those issues, i have tried to just mod the base sf2 campaign Burning Sands (1959) to give the mercenary squadron more cash as a start so i can figure out how to start doing the rest.
      i made a flight directory in my saves folder and extracted the missiondata001.cat into it
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      Then went into the Target Area Editor and made some changes to a target area and then saved... 
      Went back to the TFD tool and the targets were no longer readable only 5 out of 200 targets show up... 
      I noticed that the file TFD Tool has no problem with looks like this:
      [TargetArea001] Name=target area 1  Position=414937,147250 Radius=10000 ActiveYear=0 Location=1 Alignment=FRIENDLY <--------- with the alignment= statement last    and on the one saved by the Target Area Editor its 3rd    [TargetArea001] Name=Target Area 1 Position=414937,147250 Alignment=FRIENDLY <-------------- here at #3  Location=1 ActiveYear=0 Radius=10000   Anyone else had this happen?
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