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I have recently downloaded and installed several MIG 25 FOXBAT models from the Combat Ace site. Whilst I am generally well pleased with the models, all of them exhibit a line of shadow which appears to be protruding from the aircraft and then striking the ground where the actual shadow of the aircraft is. Is it possible to rectify this issue without turning off the shadow.  Any help or advice would be most welcome. 





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If I remember what I've read in the past, this is an open mesh in the 3d model. It would have to be corrected by a 3d person, and that would only be possible if they had the original max file. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Use my MiG-25 packs. They are fixed and polished by Spillone104. NO MORE SHADOW BUGS.


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..in the data.ini ..i think is the problem....

..must be like this to the SF2  ...take a Look....!!!!




And not like this... =





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nothing to do with it ... it's caused by fucked up meshes in model itself. Even the 08 level uses the main lod to cast shadows

Just get Paulo's and the issue is resolved

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