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FE2 - Toggle Landing Gear

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I don’t know if this has ever been seen... with First Eagle 2 !

In order to toggle the landing gear of the Bf 109 (SCW tests)  I've written directly this line in the [ControlSet001] section of the Control.ini file  :


(G for example)

This works !!! :pilotfly:

Best regards,




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Good find Coupi!

I just checked the default Contols.INI in one of my SF2 WW2 installs, and there are quite a few controls in SF2 which are not in the FE2 file, such as:



Probably not much need for a drag chute or chaff or flares in FE2, but I wonder if some of the others work? Some 1930's bombers, like the He-70 and of course the He-111, had bomb bays.


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Effectively Idem with FLAPS and WHEELBRAKES entries... I think this was already known by our FE2 gurus !


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4 minutes ago, Gepard said:

You can use the controls.ini from SF2 in FE2. No problem.


Was going to do that myself later, you saved me the job of seeing if it worked lol

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In the Heinkel He.51 download, I included a text file with detailed instructions for this. My instructions were given to me by Ojcar and add - landing gear, wheel brakes, bomb bay doors, flaps, and jettison the fuel tank. They were tested in both FE1 and FE2.



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