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Combat Ace Member Interest in Online Gaming During the Pandemic.  

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  1. 1. Would Combat Ace members be interested in putting together coordinated online play, work on mod projects, or play table top RPG games to help support each other and keep up moral during the present global crisis?

    • Yes, I would be interested in getting together online to play PC games.
    • Yes, I would be interested in working on coordinated Mod projects.
    • Yes, I would be interested in getting together online to play table top RPG games via Discord and/or Roll20.
    • No, I would not be interested in getting together online to play PC games.
    • No, I would not be interested in working on coordinated Mod projects.
    • No, I would not be interested in getting together online to play table top RPG games via Discord and/or Roll20.

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Hello everyone here at Combat Ace. While I was talking last night with some people in the World of Darkness RPG Discord Group I am a member of I had an idea.

In order to help us get through the cabin fever effect of the social distancing necessary during this time of crisis I would like to propose that CA members who are interested can put together groups to play online/multiplayer PC game that member may have. Those interested could create a CA online gaming thread to list available PC games to find out who has what and organize groups and play times. Maybe use the poll feature to list what multiplayer cable games are available so member an vote to indicate game ownership by member.

Secondly, with an increase in free time we could put together coordinated joint mod projects that we could work on intensively and maybe add in some mod items that we have been longing for but just never had the time to work on. Members interested could start some brainstorming threads to work out some viable projects.

Maybe some people who have not been involved in mod creation before could delurk and get your hands dirty now that you have the free time. CombatAce could really use some more modders. Jump on in, the INI files and object LODS are fine! Just watch out for the .TOD files.:wink:

My third idea was that there has to be some table top RPG gamers here on Combat Ace. Would any CA members be interested in putting together some groups to play some table top RPG games online via Discord and/or roll20?

In addition to the RPG gaming, with regard to Discord my thoughts also go to last night when I and some of the other members on the game server spent the evening watching a movie together and then played Skribbl.io, a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game, before going to bed. We had a great time just being able to talk, watch videos, and spam pet pictures at each other as well. As such I thought that even though we can not leave our homes, go to meet our local friends, talk to our bartenders, or even our therapists :haha:, we can still talk to our fellow Combat Ace members and we can all help one another through this crisis with some kind words and a sharing of our mutual worry's. Maybe we can even have some fun in the process!

I went a bit Hallmark card at the end there.

P.S. I have set up a "Combat Ace: Cabin Fever" Discord server. Still in development with regard to categories, channels, and rules.

Link: https://discord.gg/gAmYxKQ

Roll20 is a free to join website that brings pen-and-paper gameplay right to your browser. Link: https://roll20.net/

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I would like to participate, but i got unfortunatly an acute anxiety disorder, because of the Corona thing. So I'm to sick to do something constructive.


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      I have some questions about modding aircraft gun to include proximity fuze and timed proximity fuze.  I am working on adding a fictional new nation with their own weapons for an interesting fun experiences in SPF2.  I have been looking at gun and weapons information.

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      how`s it going?
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