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PC bogs down sometimes in KAW campaign

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Enjoying the Korean Air War campaign overall. But sometimes, when things get very busy, the framerate will slow almost to a crawl. My setup is the following (relevant info):


i5 2500 (non K)

8GB Ram

1TB 7200

GTX 1050ti (newish drivers, forget the number exactly, 45X I think)

Sound Blaster Z

Do I need a serious upgrade to cut through the slowdowns and framerate drops?

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I have a very basic laptop that plays SF2 quite well on high/unlimited graphics.

Usually gets about 20fps which occasionally drops to 15fps but I have had furballs, over 20 jets nearby, with smooth framrates.

Acer Spin SP111-33, Celeron N400, 4Gb ram, onboard graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 600).

So maybe something not quite right on your system or with your SF install.


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Well, there you go. I forgot OP was referring to KAW. Perhaps a well populated terrain.

Thanks for the better answer.

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