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Hi, my name is Mariano and I recently installed SF2 in my PC. All went well, installed some planes, did the thing right. Now, when i wanna play with an installed plane, it only shows the manufacturing year. For example, the A-4AR by Bandidos Team starts at 1998 and ends in 2020, but in my case, I only see 1998 and I'm only allowed to play on that year. I will attach some screenshots for you to see whats happening...

Anyone has a solution for this problem? Do i have to reinstall the planes? An update? Thank you in advance, have a great fly!



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Hello and welcome !

See post below, what Wrench said.


The problem comes from the terrain used.
GermanyCE is the stock terrain by default and the problem won't happen as long as you stay between 1948 and 1984 (or maybe earlier/later).

To solve it you should extract the "GermanyCE.ini" file and add the entry :


With the years you want to have.

But before doing such I would recommand to download a terrain and see how it's done.
When you understood how things work then go modify it, but in the meanwhile take your time and don't try anything not under control xD

Here you will find some content to read :


It won't adress all your issues but it's the place where to start.


"Plane Year Problem" is better than "PLANE YEAR PROBLEM"

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Not only a terrain with locked year, how about the ENTIRE game????

Lets not forget THIS most important tweek


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