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  1. Is there a way to change a nation from Red to Blue automatic ie Poland is red let say under 50 & 60s but if you play another year let say 2010 Poland will be blue?
  2. I have not played Strikefighters 2 for a very long time so I have lost all my bookmarks and favorites for modsites, is there a site out there that has a list of active modsites for Strikefighters 2
  3. Does anyone here knows if Tk and Thirdwires have given up on Strikefighters for PC and only doing mobile games now? Long since I've heard anything on the Strikefighers series for pc.
  4. Dk & Sw C-47 Skin Pack

    I don't want to sound like rivet counter but The Swedish C-47 798 wore the German Air Force camoflage. But I like the mod anyway thank you.
  5. I remember from long time ago that you could have 2 Airforces from the same country but different alignment ie Czech Air Force Red 1950-1980 and Czech Air Force Blue 1980 to 2020. I can't remember though which file that had to be changed/modded for this.
  6. Thanks for the answers. Nice to see that the Thirdwire community is still active and friendly
  7. Hi! I've been away far too long from SF2 series (Around the same time my HDD crashed). How do I change start and end year for the simulator. I tried the old trick where you change years in option.cfg didn't help at all I know I have changed it once in SF2 NA but I just can't remember how.
  8. AH-1G Cobra Over Elsewhere ver.2016

    Wings over Elsewhere is that the newest Game from Thirdwire =) Sorry Couldn't resist. =)
  9. Classic flanker cockpit for Marcfighters Su-27

    Hi! Looking good. Do you know where I can get the Su-27 I have lost the Su 27 i had in a HD crash.
  10. VF-102 Diamondbacks F-14B

    Great my Favourite Squadron (And don't ask me why because I don't know why).
  11. The Scandinavian Front 2

    This look interesting, maybe it will get me back to SF2.
  12. Spitfire Mk.XIX

    Nice plane. I know you can't have everything and this is closest you can get a photo Spitfire with right engine, but the Swedish S 31 Spitfire had the "Old style" Canopy. But it will still find it's way to my Strikefighters mod map
  13. SAAB JAS-39F Gripen (two seater)

    Sadly the indian version never happend.
  14. SAAB JAS-39 Gripen E

    I don't know if you are aware of this but the E Gripen is a twinseater at least the prototype is. But who knows the E Gripen or as the press in Sweden calls it "Supergripen" doesn't really exist yet so who knows maybe there will be a single seater too. Anyways looking good in the screenshots. I live in Gripens home town =) so I have seen the prototype for Gripen NG or Supergripen or whatever you call it outside Sweden. =)
  15. Early F-14A Tomcat Paint Schemes: The Gulls - Part 1 v1.11

    Thanks a lot. I have always loved the HiVis on the cat. This mod looks great. I look forward to the upcomming parts (hoping for a HiVis VF-102 in one of them).
  16. Is it just my installation or does the stock iceland terrain (SF2NA) missing a lot of textures? When I started from Keflavik and flew a couple of miles from Keflavik suddenly the terrain turned white but when I switched on the map the terrain was green and when I closed it the terrain was still white and no it wasn't snow white just like a white emptiness.
  17. Anyone working or know that anyone working on update Operation Darius? I'm asking because Operation Darius needs to be updated to latest standard i.e RAF Tornado needs update on the loadout & It seems like the SAM/AAA is too effective I can't even reach the target before I get shotdown by SAM/AAA I can't remember having any trouble with that before the latest patches. Also the carrier ops need updating.
  18. All my work gone

    That's really sad to hear. I do like you TSF stuff. I hope it will get solved for you.
  19. That can impossibly be from the game :)
  20. I have seen in the SFP1 screenshot thread seaplanes land at water. Is it possible to make i.e the Catalina use water as a runway? required Screenshot Yeah I know not from the game but I hope Dave can forgive me Lost all my screenshots when SF2 started acting up on me. The picture itself showing 7 Tp 79 (Swedish Air Force C-47)
  21. Seems like the Stock SF2 NA Tomcats can't use AIM-54 Phoenix I tested both F-14A and F-14A_77 neither one could load Phoenix missiles they didn't even show up in the arming screen and yes I tested it under the operational years of the Phoenix missiles.
  22. I had the same problems then I saw that I still used version 1.14 + fixes. How could I've missed the F-14 Superpack version 1.18?

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