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  1. G91-R3 GINA

  2. I have got to get me one of those !! Excellent work gents !
  3. Hehehe...that'll be the MOAP (Mother of all Paratroopers).
  4. Hehe...I think Nicky meant something completely different! From up in the grim North where she lives I believe a blind eel means a turd now for my Hughie Green impression "...and I mean that most sincerley folks".
  5. Jeez, that'll teach me to mention the B-word!
  6. ...will be uttered in this forum one day I hope !!! Seriously, anyone know when we can expect one? Don't get me wrong I can wait...but wow, a Buccaneer in WoE, that'd be amazing :yes:
  7. Eccles, I've just "discovered" YAP myself and have been blown away by it. What a peice of work! Hat's off to all who made that one. Thankyou.

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