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  1. Baltika's Iceland new trees texture

    Do you realize there are no trees in iceland?
  2. Fire Destroys Russian Naval Base

    Not to be too harsh... but an yone verified the report? It seems the usual journalistic embellishement. Arrigo
  3. OT: Downtown (Vietnam wargame)

    The map has been done using the actual game map (that once unfold on the table is simply awesome...). Also check the various scenario... in one you have even a 120 planes B52 raid... scaaaaary One of my favorite games (Ok I am biased I was a playtester) and if you need a middle east fix... look forward to "Elusive Victory: air war over Suez" going out this month! Same system, new scenarios, Mirage and more! (1967 to 1973).
  4. OT: Downtown (Vietnam wargame)

    If you want the aircraft card you have to buy the game. The game itself is not downloadable. The VASSAL and Cyberboard modules are, and are meant to allow people who LEGITIMATELY owns the game to play via those PBEM applications. The game is reasonably priced so...
  5. The Sky the Limit! Very nice screenshot.
  6. Column 5, I have looked at the map and I think you have Bologna completely out of place, it must be on the same "diagonal" line with Rimini (btw until the 90' Rimini was a military airfield) and parma. You would also want to put Piacenza with the San Damiano airbase (now home of the Tornado ECR of AMI). you have forgot Verona Villafranca airbase and I think Aviano is not in the right place. It must be a bit more southwest. Arrigo
  7. vanessa..member

    Best wishes for speedy recovery to Vanessa, and I hope that if some italian stupid driver was culpabvle he has already been apprended and punished.
  8. oh mamma.... awesoooooooooome Can I ask what mods are used in this screen?
  9. I think to have asked everything in the title... I love the wrap around F4 (C-D-E) european camo. There is one ocmpatible for SF2/SF2V Phantoms? Arrigo
  10. Whow... I suppose asking you for a list of goodie... ahem... weaponry is too early... (stille trying to make the TMF weapons pack works fully with SF2... ) Arrigo
  11. I have flown happily with the following mods: MF A7D F16C Block50/52 F4EJ and EJ Kai F15J and F15J Kai MF Mig 29 (export) MF F15A F15E
  12. Oook... I suppose the runway melted.... poor quality control on the building material (I have seen a road surface starting to become liquid in the summer in italy once...)
  13. I have to ask.... what has happened to that transport? (An-12 I presume)

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