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  1. WoW..... the Nieuport 24s are both great.....love the cockpits! Thanks much
  2. Mars is very close......relatively...when compared to The Horsehead Nebula
  3. I think they all jumped in an F4E when they heard we went to Code Orange. They will be back after they nuke somebody.....
  4. I get the same message.........perhaps they just decided it was easier to ban everyone from the forums rather than just the few that speak their minds.
  5. One problem I still have after patch: If aircraft does not takeoff well and hits the ground some parts may fall off but the aircraft just bounces around rather randomly without exploding. This is with collision setting on hard. :(
  6. By god I think your right.....
  7. That happens with them from time to time....I think they need to shut down sometimes just to give the some moderators time to lock all the threads they don't like.
  8. Service Pack release is great news....lots of midnight oil by TK I'm sure...and lots of bickering and whining may be near an end...until some jerk of a publisher releases another incomplete, buggy sim....then we shall go round and round again......will they ever learn.
  9. I agree that simhq have become a little testy lately and sometimes squashes opinions they do not like......Il2 forum on the other hand has always been tolerant of whiners and supports and I get more good info from that forum than any other I can think of....and a lot of diversity of opinion...every aircraft and nationality has its own whiners.
  10. Sounds like the thread should be titled "lucky day for the F15 crew...bad day for the plane" Glad they made it out.....life is dangerous, nobody gets out alive.
  11. I agree that SFP1 has great potential and when it does not CTD it can be great fun.....and the patch will come and make it what is should have been out of the box. But I also like to get a diversity of opinion on the forums not just a bunch of whiners or a bunch of rah, rah, supports. In either case you end up with less than the whole picture.
  12. CFS3 rabble

    I have been doing all the tweaking for CFS3 and found that changing the MaxFPS in the default folder made a big difference in performance---got rid of the stutter about 90% and allowed higher graphic settings. It is very playable on my machine. Set at 30 now. Athlon 2.1 gig, G4 4400 128meg, 512 meg ram.....my graphic settings are on 4. I have done a number of other recommended tweaks (making sure duel pass render is unchecked). I'm hoping M$ patch will improve it more...little bugs...and I'm sure 3rd party modders will make the same kind of difference they made in CFS2.
  13. Humor........however strange, is always welcome while waiting for a patch.
  14. Migs are hard but I found that extending away with speed and then coming back with a missle attack works very well.....semiactive homing not heat seeking......this will be a classic (IMHO) sim when the patch arrives... 3rd party modders are already making it very interesting..... as they have for so many other sims.

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