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  1. is there any improvement in gameplay and graphics framerate with these new games, on an older system as compared to the older games?
  2. Delta Force

    i havent stopped playing Joint Ops since it was released.
  3. man this makes me want to fire up all the Dynamax games.
  4. Good Luck Charm

    i hang my dog tags on the wall above my monitor, with one of my hats from basic training, with a bayonet. more superstitious then a good luck charm.
  5. dont forget to find a good sound for its droaning engines in flight, and loud noise on spool up.
  6. PTO simulations

    if you can find it, and get it to run, try Aces Of The Pacific. it was a great game back in the early 90's. it followed the war pretty closely.
  7. we are a simple people.... i guess.
  8. i wanna see the Blue Angels try that one!
  9. well if you use windows image viewer to look at the bmp file in the screenshot folder, open the bmp up, and on the bottom tool bar is a floopy disk icon. thats the save icon, click it, and when asked where and all that jazz to save it, instead of bmp, change the file type to jpg. easier and quicker then having to wait for GIMP or the likes to open. takes all of 3 seconds to do.
  10. Never got a chance to see this in the theaters

    needed more Bullet Time. also there are times in the movie where it sorta follows the games story, but then it just goes out the window in a different direction. its not bad, but i wouldnt pay to see it or buy it.
  11. does it no longer go into uncontrollable back flips if you pull on the stick a lil too hard?
  12. SEAD mission over Kuwait City. the wingman almost took out the towers with this shot.
  13. Could today be any more boring?

    bored makes me find the most interesting games http://games.sticky.tv/cyrkam_airtos/
  14. i fudged something on my massive modded WOE install and now i get a CTD showing that the missileobject.dll is at fault. still scratchign my head as to what the hell it was i did last on that mod.

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