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  1. F-104S pack for SF2

  2. Howdy folks, I havent been on here in a while but I was wondering if there are any FRS.1 Sea Harriers for SF2 or if the SF1 operation corporate Harrier can be modded for SF2. Thanks
  3. SF2 A-6E VA-85 Black Falcons for Third Wire A-6 Intruder

    I saw this too, wondering how to fix it
  4. F-104S pack for SF2

    Thank you for putting this in!!!! These are the best F-104s!!
  5. If I have more than one aircraft that has a fake pilot mod, how do I get them both to go in without overwriting? can I just drop all of the fake pilot files into one fake pilot folder??
  6. I am seeing every folder appear under the mods folder except for sounds and effects!!
  7. ACES II Ejection Seat for F-15

    Just a little detail note, USAF F-15 does not have the front ejection handle between the legs. Beautiful though....
  8. Buccaneer RAF for SF2

    Im getting SF2 soon just so I can have this one:)
  9. FTL travel may be possible, afterall...

    Maybe you dont travel back and forth in time, Maybe you just get somewhere faster......
  10. And are these updates included with the aircraft? I just re-downloaded them last week. I havent seen the AI using the rockets, so I wasnt sure.
  11. If I had seen the updates I would have used them lol. Thanks Wrench!!

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