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  1. F-104S pack for SF2

  2. If I have more than one aircraft that has a fake pilot mod, how do I get them both to go in without overwriting? can I just drop all of the fake pilot files into one fake pilot folder??
  3. Howdy folks, I havent been on here in a while but I was wondering if there are any FRS.1 Sea Harriers for SF2 or if the SF1 operation corporate Harrier can be modded for SF2. Thanks
  4. SF2 A-6E VA-85 Black Falcons for Third Wire A-6 Intruder

    I saw this too, wondering how to fix it
  5. F-104S pack for SF2

    Thank you for putting this in!!!! These are the best F-104s!!
  6. I am seeing every folder appear under the mods folder except for sounds and effects!!
  7. ACES II Ejection Seat for F-15

    Just a little detail note, USAF F-15 does not have the front ejection handle between the legs. Beautiful though....
  8. Buccaneer RAF for SF2

    Im getting SF2 soon just so I can have this one:)
  9. FTL travel may be possible, afterall...

    Maybe you dont travel back and forth in time, Maybe you just get somewhere faster......
  10. Does anyone know how to make the wingtip rockets air to air? I know the F4D-1 mod has the rockets modified for the gun editor to be air to air, but I cant quite figure it out for the F-89. Thanks.
  11. And are these updates included with the aircraft? I just re-downloaded them last week. I havent seen the AI using the rockets, so I wasnt sure.
  12. If I had seen the updates I would have used them lol. Thanks Wrench!!
  13. any e-cigarette smokers here?

    Hard to be a fighter crew chief and not smoke..............
  14. what happened to this aircraft? I cant find it!
  15. Just saying hello, and what a great site this is!!! Still cant give up Thirdwire. Been using it for 6 years now. I just cant find a suitable replacement. Im Leaving Eielson next summer, and im not sure if I will still be in the Air Force or not. I have to decide soon. 13.5 years will be hard to walk away from. Anyone here ever been stationed at Seymore Johnson?? Thats where im looking at goin. Either there or Mountain Home again.....
  16. Enlisting in the USAF

    If you have a thin skin, DO NOT be a fighter crew chief LOL. I had ten years on F-15E's at Elmendorf and Mountain Home, and now I am about to hit my 13 year mark. Unfortunately, I am on the inferior F-16 at Eielson as the Phase Dock Chief. Aircraft Maintenance is a very gratifying job, but it can be very hard work, with alot of long hours. But there are alot of other great jobs, just not the kind that make you perfect like being an F-15 crew chief does :)
  17. I got it to work it was in the gun data file thanks. And as far as I have read, all versions except for the M have it, but they no longer carry ammunition because of premature explosions in the ammunition.
  18. Been out of the loop for about two months, and cant figure out why my weapons arent showing up. They should be but arent. Anyone else having this problem?

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