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  1. Monthly Red Rage Alert since mom, teen sister and girlfriend coordinated their periods

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    2. Derk


      Hey, we still have Diogenes, former Luftwaffe air defence headquarters West(roof 6m concrete) available here, nicely secluded, well camoflages.....

    3. Slartibartfast


      I just got the Sports bike out and time to go ride and hide...

    4. macelena


      hmm...gotta get there next full moon week, it´s sure cheaper than ISS


  2. Forecasting Sh*tstorm

  3. Massive fish poisoning in the Arabian Sea

    1. Icarus999


      Much like tossing a turd in a punch bowl, the burial of Osama at sea was an ill conceived joke.

    2. macelena


      greenpeace must be schitting bricks

  4. Gracias FeDee, estoy encantado

  5. "You know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!!"



      Las drogas, Déjalas , Es un consejo de amigo

    2. macelena
  6. On flu, hangover, a week away from girlfriend...and still happy. Damn pills

  7. Good luck FC, hope everything gets well

  8. You can´t allways get what you want

    1. Silverbolt


      yeah, quite hard, otherwise you can be lucky, but you can't deppend on that

    2. daddyairplanes


      but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need

    3. macelena


      Sure, that´s what i mean. Got all i need. No matter how screwed up things go, there is someone who motivates, justifies, makes everything worthy

  9. No, you aren´t. I know the true Inigo Montoya

  10. Thank you for everything. Wish we could return you something of what you did for us


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