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  1. Most TW sims share a similar file structure. Right? There shouldn't be any difference adding aircraft to either FE or WOV. I could be wrong though.
  2. The nicest looking airplane ever

    Ahh It's poetry. Very well said my friend. There couldn't be a better analogy for the mighty PHANTOM.
  3. The nicest looking airplane ever

    A face only a mother could love. One of my favorites
  4. The film editor F'd up. He couldn't tell the difference between an f-16, and an f-15, cockpit. Lomac on the other hand, is entirely on purpose. ED made it almost impossible to mod. So resourceful modder's are forced to compromise. Cool vid, I have the fighter pilots dvd. I think I'll knock the dust off of it in a few.
  5. Hello Thank you for offering. You said you are only doing props right now. Well these may already exist, But I couldn't find them. So If you find the time. I would like to see the extra-300, and the Embraer A-29B. Like I said they may already exist but I couldn't find them. Thank you.
  6. Win XP 64bit

    I have windows xp x64 sp1 the only problem I'v had with it so far is, I cant use my tv tuner card no x64 driver support. Other than that it's great. It runs everything els that the 32 bit does. My experience with vista x64 was a bad one. Although some people still use it. I will never use it again no difference in performance that I could detect its just the severe lack of compatability vista x64 has. This is only my opinion I'm not bashing,flaiming or inviting arguement.
  7. TrackIR

    Yesir If I hadn't known any better, I would have requested an exorcism
  8. TrackIR

    Nope as i said I had a similar experience, when there's to much light in the background the head blocks the light and manipulates the IR camera. As if you were wearing the reflectors.
  9. TrackIR

    I'v had a similar experience, basically you should turn off a few lights especially any glaring light that happens to be behind you AMOF turn off all the lights as the trackir is very sensitive and will not work properly unless you use it in low light. If it is still unstable in low light, send it back because it is faulty/defective.
  10. Just breaks my heart to see such a sparse SS thread.
  11. The Person Below Me

    nay, Google all the way. The person below me doesn't care for creamed corn and spicy foxhole's?
  12. Weird Mouse Problem

    Hi, I just happen to have f4.0af installed. I play it quite frequently, I love it. I have never had this problem, but I do have a silly question. You do know that the mouse will not show in the 3d cockpit view right? only the 2d view. I told you it was silly, but worth a shot to help a fellow falconeer.
  13. Great Toon

    It happens to everyone eventually. Time waits for no man
  14. The Person Below Me

    The person above me has a broken spacebar The person below me sleeps in holy pajamas

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