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  1. Jeez Eric, working hard on skins and models huh? Finally got time for the campaign we been talking about...
  2. One of the reasons of hugging the ground going AB away from the enemy area till you have a chance to time skip...Which I usually do when the air is thick of Fighters around.
  3. 20MM Vulcan no questions ask.
  4. RL trouble? guess it's going to take two months instead of weeks...
  5. Your Nemesis...

    My Nemesis? Tail-gunners, Mig-17 to 25s, SAMs, AAA, and suicidal enemy AI planes.
  6. Joystick or bust for me....
  7. Any update on the Su-23333? I'm dying to put Angkor Wat roundel on it...
  8. Holy Moly who else is Messed UP RIGHT NOW?

  9. Subsim...........?

    Same here, maybe server down?
  10. IAF IL-76 PHALCON Lands in India

    Never mind...thought it was an acronym confusion IAF=Indian Air Force, IAF=Israeli Air Force...
  11. LOL total gallery images

    Total Gallery Images:6666
  12. SF2:Europe

    Next will be SF2:Israel....then SF3!
  13. Which countries did you visit, when and how was it?

    For me, I mostly bounce around the whole westside of the US including Vancouver, Canada....Hope to visit my homeland if the commie government gets overthrowed....

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