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  1. and the new question is... how?
  2. Remembering My Father...

    I'M sure that your dad had a happy life and was a proud father and husband
  3. UllyB, I send you a messaje with the URL of the site that you can download it
  4. Main role of the F-15E?

    Primary: Interdiction, Strike ground target, Deep Strike Secondary: Battlefield Air Interdiction, Close Air Support, Combat Air Patrol the primary CAS plane, in a big conventional war fought with the USAF, is the fast jet! a sidenote! generally, cluster bombs in't a loadout for CAS mission, where they must drop the bombs nearby friendly troops and the relative big pattern of dispertion of the bomblets let a risk of friendly fire
  5. Movie help

    thx bro! you're the man!
  6. Movie help

    please another movie help... I don't remember the movie name that it was about two USAF pilots and friends who go to Nellis and the plot catch there... the main caracter flies a F-4 phantom and his friend, of which develop and fierce "friendly" rivalry between both, flies a F-5 tiger II
  7. I'm doubtful about the USAF adopting a maritime-related name to a plane coming from a own funded program
  8. AD-4W

    From the games point of view, any addon isn't useless..well done and keep going!
  9. Terrain following in older aircrafts was pretty much a automated business/multi-crew task I dont remember right now if the early nap-of-the earth flight machines (B-47, B-52 late models, etc) had full terrain following capacity, but in the F-111 and B-1B, terrain following is performed by the aircraft... so, to emulate some sort of terrain following (in night or adverse weather) just planning a very low altitude route and turn on the autopilot (the full one) and you can use the terrain avoidance standard mode as a "monitoring" feedbacks as happens in most cases with those machines, the last requisite is to tweak the aircraft's INI minimum AI level of flight (200 300 or 600 ft) so the autopilot will flight the machine close to the ground/sea. I never tried this before, but seeing low altitude AI flights, shows that the result is a kind of "soft ride" mode in most cases, but the AI isn't smart enough and sometime it crash into very high peaks. Well, I think that for avoid this, you must monitoring all flight with the terrain avoidance scope to override the AI for that type of "malfuntion", as in the real life. Is matter to experiment a little bit and do some testing to obtain a usable pseudo-TF mode.
  10. yep... Me2 maybe one day all of us will migrate... surely... but meanwhile.... I always have been in love of the hi speed/hi altitude trend of the 50s... this is a "yeah! great!" addon for sure, like others hi speed hotel sierra stuff around here, but is clear the lack of "legitimate" targets for most of them, like a M4 "bounder" of Sukhoi T-4 100 and no just foxbats and "blinders" to try to catch... like any other blackbird fan, this is a great addon!
  11. From Anderson (http://www.militar.org.ua:8080/foro/member15998.html): The way of how serials are classified in FAC's aircraft is by function or type of aircraft: transport 1000 Trainers 2000 Attack / Fighter 3000 Helicopter 4000 Liaison / Intel 5000 and Kfir fleet to this day is like this: TC-7 FAC 3003 (this still have not gone to TC-12 and it seems that will not) TC-12 FAC 3004 (this were the one that went off the runway in Cartagena, lost) FAC 3005 (this were the one that went down in Santander, lost) FAC 3006 FAC 3007 (which Israelis brought for replacement of 3004) C-7/10/12 FAC 3040 FAC 3041 to C-12 FAC 3042 lost over magdalena river years ago FAC 3043 FAC 3044 FAC 3045 FAC 3046 lost over the pacific years ago FAC 3047 FAC 3048 FAC 3049 FAC 3050 FAC 3051 C-10 FAC 3052 C-12 FAC 3053 C-12 FAC 3054 C-12 FAC 3055 C-10 FAC 3056 C-10 FAC 3057 C-10 FAC 3058 C-10 FAC 3059 C-10 FAC 3060 C-10 FAC 3061 C-10 Those not marked is because I have no photographic record yet that I confirm what was updated.

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