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    Anime/Manga,Airsofting,soviet Fighter jets,Kendo,archery<br />and samurai films ^_^ oh and DDR
  1. Su-39

    i really want to fly this one! i can't wait when its ready.
  2. ooh! you evil man how dare you beat up on my favorite soviet plans ehehhehehehee planes sorry
  3. i got it to work and its very cool. finally my red pilots are getting awards for downing some pesky F-15s,f-14s and f-22s hehehehehehehehe
  4. ok inside it do i have to change the directory because when i looked in side the files it said Stratgyfirst and strike fighters. do i have to change it to WOE?
  5. Hello again everyone i'm on a Red Air force kick and getting it to work for WOE is hard is there a way to add medals and awards to Soviet Pilots or any red pilots for that matter.
  6. I love it the soviets sound the way i want them to. I customized Scrapper's Pushed too far campaign to have modern russian,Nkorea and PLAAF and the voices are the way i want them to sound thank you
  7. Me and my husband use to live in albuquerque but we left to Shizuoka in 2006. If thats what you mean NM
  8. NM? what those that mean
  9. Allo Allo! hi every its me again with a new question. I've converted my WOE into a red air force design and when i fly i want to have my wingmen speaking russian etc etc is there an easy way to do that?
  10. Bitmap

    so gimp is an draw like program that allows me to do that? i just want to make sure.
  11. Hello hello everyone yet again another fine mess i've gotten myself into this one is on bitmaps. now i've tried my microsoft paint to resized and convert an image into a bitmap. what i'm trying to do is make custom hanger and loading screens. and also making pilots bitmaps. i can convert them but i can't resize them. is thier possibly a better way to do this?
  12. i know how you feel me and my husband took that damn campaign off because it was just that a pain in the ass. trying to contact scrapper is like trying to get a round block in to a triangle shape. we were never able to get it work. we put something on the campaign forum and no luck. hopefully someone else will make a simple one in the near future.
  13. Thank you very much me and my husband thanks you for these files

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