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  1. Su-33 video - must see

    I was under the impresion that the mig-29k was selected because of the indian order, the russians found it to be not cost efective to produce 24 new SU-33, while the mig-29k was going to be in production any whay is easier just to built a few more for the russian navy
  2. I did everything thats in here to make troops show up when paratroopers hit the ground and no go, another thing is that my paratroopers parachute disapears just afther drop , I can see it when i hit f9 but not from any distance can somebody help thanks
  3. New Chinese Stealth Fighter F60

    Thats the L-15 single seater attack version
  4. RED BULL F1 1st laps at Austin TX US GP track

    Im there!!!!!
  5. Gunther Rall passed away

  6. So, Iranian Tomcats can fly after all

    I hope they stop flying them soon. I would hate to see a superbug shoot down a tomcat
  7. Iran displays captured UAV

    I say we bomb the factory before its operational
  8. Meet the B-52 video on YouTube.

    Great video, love the pilots audio The pilot manuvers like the buff has a tail gun how many flares does a buff carries ?
  9. we did have a figther with all that performance and nobody wanted it, F-11 super tiger, ligth, good turning , mach 2.04, great climb rate, etc.
  10. Iran displays captured UAV

    Intresting: http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/2011/12/avtobaza-irans-weapon-in-rq-17.html
  11. Iran displays captured UAV

    I guess time will tell whos right I dont question the idea of recon drones, but today they do a lot more remember this:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/dec/17/skygrabber-american-drones-hacked
  12. Iran displays captured UAV

    This is a lesson, drone warfare is great on non defended airspace, if your enemy has a semi defended airspace you are going to losse drones
  13. This shows you how stupid drone warfare is in a semi well defended airspace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdaSJxXAREM
  14. USMC to buy UK Harriers

    180 million for 72 aircraft Great deal for the US bad for the UK, at 2.5 million each!
  15. Discovery Wings

    I dont get the military channel they keep showing the same shows over and over while the rest of the series are store or something

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