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  1. Wow :shock: :shock: It really looks good man... Cant wait to ride this And we are still waiting for THE patch too ( TK if you are around ;-) )
  2. Hey great job man.... :shock: :shock: :shock: Will we have AGM 65 with this ?
  3. What's wrong with this game ???

    I forgot to montion i have GF4 TI4600 Leadtek with det 43.00. 72nd_Nightmare, I already tested 1024x768 but no change. I am pessimistic about this pb :roll:
  4. Hi all, Did somebody already note the following problem: On external view (F10) -> 75fps but in cockpit view (F1) -> 10fps :( :( :( This is my system Windows XP 768Mo ram AthlonXP 1667Mhz Dx9 Hires (1280 x 7XX) JF18 original + Admin8.4

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