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  1. Best movie of 2012?

    1. LOOPER: One of the best time-travel action movies in a very long time. So good I can ignore the paradox it created (as most time-travel movies do). 2. THE AVENGERS: Joss Whedon finally received the mass audience his crazed loyal fan base assured he'd someday reach. And comic-book fans finally got an awesome Hulk! Plus everything else was nearly perfect. 3. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY: What? Critics had a problem with it? That's okay because sane fans loved it. Especially that brilliant "Riddles in the Dark" scene. Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis were brilliant in that sequence. Freeman was a standout in the entire movie. 4. QUEEN OF VERSAILLES: A documentary that sums up the problem with the economy and the American dream from the perspective of the (not-for-long?) 1%. 5. MOONRISE KINGDOM: Two outcast kids fall in love and decide to run away together. And the rest is pure genius. An instant classic. Honorable mentions: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", "Killing Them Softly", "Cloud Atlas", "Lincoln", "Safety Not Guaranteed", "Skyfall", "The Hunger Games", "Argo", "Zero Dark Thirty" and much more.
  2. Zero Dark Thirty

    I thought it was a very well made movie and close to the material that is available from sources who were there (at least from the SEAL end). I did have two problems with the movie, the first small the second larger. Small problem: I thought they should have handed the movie over to the assault team once they took off and not shown anything else. So no cutting back to anything else. Then not show the lead character again until they bring UBL's body back. Bigger problem: I felt like it needed another hour. Some of the characters didn't get a chance to be fleshed out. It was too focused on one person (arguably two). And we were given none of the ST6 training for the mission, something I thought would have been very important to the film. Actually, I had one more minor issue and that was the ending. They held off the CIA agent breaking down to AFTER she saw UBL. We know that she broke down in the hangar. I thought they should have just shown it that way instead of going for a quiet cry at the end for some cinematic effect. But that's a nitpick. In the end, I still thought it was an A-rated movie.
  3. Red Tails

    I saw it... and fully expected it to suuuuuuuuck... but here is my review: http://geekfurious.blogspot.com/2012/02/review-red-tails.html
  4. RED TAILS looks awesome! for me to poop on

    Buddy of mine got to see a screening of it and he said it rapes the entire history of the actual Red Tails.
  5. Eur Bans Claims That Water can prevent Dehydration...

    I like how you guys have just decided that the article is total fact and that there is no merit to the scientific data concerning bottled water NOT being the end-all to staving off dehydration, or even a good way to hydrate when concerned about dehydration. Like I said, if you have concerns about dehydration, drinking bottled water is only a small part of the solution. Any of you military guys should know that.
  6. Eur Bans Claims That Water can prevent Dehydration...

    Sure, if you drink a lot of water, you are less likely to dehydrate. However, if you have real concerns about dehydration, then you should consume fruits and vegetables that have hydrating qualities and replace mineral salts, amino acids, and vitamins your body loses during whatever effort is causing your dehydration.
  7. MW3 slated by users

    I think the high critic scores are far more interesting than the low user reviews. Those scores are all about critics being afraid of being locked out of the free stuff loop and nothing more.
  8. Interesting piece on Steve Jobs

    This kind of reaction is what I was talking about in that other thread. Needing to declare yourself...
  9. Youtube

    You have to take these things with a grain of salt. It isn't like MOST people go out of their way to be jerks. You are just seeing the worst of those who need to declare themselves on the Internet. They likely represent no more than 3% of the opinion of people around the world. But they have a platform to shout it loud and by reacting, or overreacting to them, you provide them with the validation they seek: That they are exceptional. I deal with this on one of my sites a lot. Anonymous jerks who just want to try to bring someone down because it makes them feel better about themselves. It is human nature to elevate the importance of negativity, since we are all just trying to hide how fragile our egos are.
  10. Battlefield 3

    Glad some of you like the SP. I don't think much of it. But then again, I haven't liked a COD campaign since MW1... and that was just because it was the first time I saw a video game story done that well. Upon reflection, even that wasn't very good. However, BF3 shines in multiplayer and I doubt COD can touch it. Don't see much bunny hopping in BF3. Plus, there is co-op where you can just play with a buddy. It is cool.
  11. RIP Dan Wheldon

    This is a product of the car. F1 and NASCAR have done some serious R&D in car safety but IRL has taken too long. Unfortunately, in the final race in the current car, this happened.
  12. Its started!

    Capitalism is not about rewarding hard work. Tons of people work hard and are never rewarded with anything but way less than the average. Capitalism is about rewarding those who take advantage of ignorance.
  13. Al-Awlaki Killed

    72 D&D geeks would be my heaven. Who needs 72 virgins getting all clingy possessive?
  14. Amanda Knox..Victim?... Or Villian

    I was born and spent about half my life in Europe... and I strongly, emphatically, disagree.
  15. official Pan Am 2011 tv series discussion

    I watched the premiere episode and actually enjoyed it. It was well paced, even though it did overuse the flashbacks a bit.

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