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  1. Interesting idea, but I just wanted to be clear that this does NOT involve Third Wire in any way. First, 250K really isn't all that much, there is no way we (Third Wire) can do a detailed study sim with that little amount. If you want to develop a game on budget, you probably want to be shopping for a studio outside US, in places like Russia, Eastern Europe, India and China where things are cheaper. Or a studio that out-sources to those places (which we don't). Or a studio that uses all volunteer force. Second, normal game development takes around 2 years. And ambitious design (as most community designs tend to be) can take longer, easily taking 4 years or more. Add to that the time it takes to gather the 5,000 pre-orders just to get started, I think you're looking at 2010 release at earliest, more likely 2011 or 2012. We really don't want to be tied up to this single game for the next 4 years, as we do have other plans :) Third, since you're taking money from the eventual customer, it seems to me that all you're doing is shifting when you get paid - you're essentially charging people more and asking them to pay up 2+ years in advance. And I can't really see as being good thing in the long run, because I think you'll just have less people buy the game that way. I know there are other studios that do their business that way (taking pre-orders first to fund development), and I wish them all the success, but that’s not the way we want to do our business. Anyway, so those are the reasons why Third Wire will not be involved in this. This doesn't mean community can't do this without our involvement tho, don't let me stop you from producing your own game! Good luck! TK --
  2. Hi Deuces, Er, where is Skunkworks Area 51 Forum? :? I must missed something somewhere... TK --
  3. Hey Dagger! Yeah, what Deuces said ;) The cloud layers are tiled, that means the texture have to be repeatable. TK --
  4. Thirdwire.com

    Hi everyone! No need to panic! We're still here, still working away on patch 2... :) We have been busy doing much needed upgrades and maintenance here and getting ready for the next round of beta testing, and that should get started in the next two weeks or so... But actually, we're not sure why our website is down, its hosted by someone else.. . We'll look into it, probably some screwup at our web host. Hopefully, that should get squared out shortly.. Thanks, TK --
  5. I'll download that particular skin (which looks phabulous btw ;)) tomorrow and see if I can figure out anything wrong with it... I do like the way you guys are organizing your skin specific decals into the skin folder, and I'd like to make that the 'standard' way in the future... ;) Thanks, TK --
  6. 00 scrub, Which version of the game do you have? and where do you have the game installed to? That message means the files its looking for is either wrong version or missing from the directory it thinks it should be in. So you might have a wrong version of the game, or it might not be looking at the right directoy. TK --
  7. column5, Hm, I don't thinlk the patch changed the way decals are loaded, so I'm not sure why that wouldn't work... except maybe the name might be too long or something... :? TK --
  8. wiegehts, Sorry to hear that, that means you do have WalMart version for some reason... I'll have to ask some quesitons tomorrow to find out how it ended up in Circuit City :evil: In any event, if you send e-mail to Strategy First, with a photocopy of your CD, they'll send you a replacement CD. TK --
  9. Hey column5, what "non-standard" way were you storing the decals? TK --
  10. wiegehts, sorry to hear you're still having problem, not sure what it could be... as for checking version, when you run Strike Fighters, on the main screen at the bottom right corner should be the version number.... and it should say v10-11-02. Let me know if you have this number. TK --
  11. Rogue, I'd make a back up copy of all the mods, and do a patch on a clean and fresh install. Skins should be no problem, but any mods that adds data files (*.ini files) will get in the way of patches. And the patch intaller, if you select "Yes" on the first screen, will delete your Strike Fighters folder completely just to make sure... :shock: TK --
  12. galanti, glad you got it worked out ;) TK --
  13. wiegehts, Looks like one of the files is either corrupted or missing, or its not looking at the right directoy. Where do you have the game installed to? One thing that might be causing the problem, if you select "Yes" on the first screen (which will uninstall the game), but don't follow through with the installer program (by cancelling out), it'll leave the game uninstalled. Go check to see if the Strike Fighters is still installed. If not, reinstall, and make sure to select "No" on that first screen. TK --
  14. Man, you guys are quick! galanti, What problem are you running into? Did you select Yes on the first screen? (if so, it'll do a complete uninstall of your game) Thanks, TK --
  15. Sundancer, Great to hear you got the problem solved! :) TK --

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