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  1. Iran-Iraq War Terrain/Campaign

    Included in this package is a brand new Iran-Iraq/Western Asia Terrain with 4 campaigns.
    Three of the campaigns compose the three periods of the Iran Iraq War-
    1st- the initial invasion which spans from 1980 through 81- Lots of CAS and Intercept as well as strike missions.
    2nd The War of the Cities and Tanker War from 1982-1987-Many interdiction anti-shipping and strike missions similar to Rolling Thunder
    3rd The Battle For Al-Basrah all of 1988- Lots of CAS, anti-ship and strike missions
    The 4th campaign is a semi-fictionalized Project Dark Gene/Ibex campaign from 1970-77 with USAF and IIAF units conducting recon missions against Soviet Installations and protecting Iranian borders from Iraqi Incursions. Because the terrain doesn't extend to the Soviet Border the campaign was turned 90 degrees with northern Iraq-Mosul/Tikrit acting as our stand in Soviet area.
    Includes all the required aircraft and skins including Ravenclaw's Beautiful new IIAF/IRIAF F-4's and Iranian weapons and new F-4D and RF-4E skins to match from Yakarov79!
    A separate install is not required and will work best if incorporated into a big everything thrown in Mod Folder.
    This mod package is meant to be an addition to Operation Darius or Operation Desert Storm and NATO Fighters 5 from Eburger68. Ground Objects from Mr Burgers packages are required for example Iranian Destroyers.
    Here is a link to Op Darius- http://combatace.com/topic/74627-operation-darius-final-part-1-of-4/
    And Desert Storm- http://combatace.com/topic/84643-operation-desert-storm-for-sf2-redux-part-1-of-3/
    Nato fighters 5- http://combatace.com/files/file/13332-nato-fighters-5-part-1-of-8/
    The Aircraft included in this mod are readily available here at CA and the thank you/credits list is too large to name everyone! See the credits list for NATO Fighters 5 that should cover everyone!
    A HUGE thanks to Blaze for Letting me tinker with his new Western Asia Terrain to make it Perfect for an Iran-Iraq War Campaign!
    This Mod is a combination of many people's work here at CA thank you everyone who helps contribute to the Community!
    I am by no means an expert but I have had a blast putting this together over the last few months if someone can add more realism to the campaigns PM me and let know! I hope everyone enjoys this!


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  2. Angola/South West Afrika Full terrain With REDONE Campaigns

    Campaigns Updated! Units updated and fictional campaign issues fixed... A few sample Angolan MiG skins added! More available here at CA!
    Full and Final Angola and South West Afrika terrain! Also includes a few different campaigns set throughout the border war period and after.
    Menu screens to fit the SAAF Theme they make the name of the Sim, Strike Fighters 2 The Last Domino, after the famous SADF documentary...
    Also includes working FAPLA Mi-8 and Mi-24, as well as an Impalla Mk2 Stand in and Alouette III for the SAAF.
    Ground objects from Tiospilotos have also been included so that AAA and SAMs will show up on your install.
    This terrain is a Massive terrain covering most of South West Afrika with the Caprivi Strip, as well as Almost all of Angola as well as much of Botswana, some of Zambia and a small portion of the Congo. It is meant to cover the entirety of the Border War Conflict between FAPLA, SWAPO and the SADF, UNITA and SWADF. The Terrain covers many types of environments from the Skeleton Coast to the wetlands to the great plains and Bush of Ovomboland. This is meant to be a truly African terrain to fly the assortment of South African Air Force birds available here at CA.
    Credits: Stratos, Ludo.m54, Jeanba, Pualopanz, Coupi, recently me Spudknocker and even more recently tiospilotos.
    Here are links to all required aircraft thanks to Emp_Palpatine...
    Cheetah_E, Cheetah_C, Mirage3R2Z, Mirage3EZ, Mirage3CZ : http://combatace.com...-d-e-superpack/
    MF-1AZ http://combatace.com...6-mirage-f-1az/
    MF-1CZ http://combatace.com...8-mirage-f-1cz/
    MF-1CZ Late http://combatace.com...age-f-1cz-late/
    Buccaneer-Mk50_1980 http://combatace.com...0-saaf-for-sf2/
    CanberraBI12_Late http://combatace.com...saaf-canberras/
    Angolan Flogger skins in Flogger super package
    A note on campaigns- You may want to fly in Medium flight model mode due to the high altitude of the terrains and the limits of the SF2 AI system
    Happy Terrorist Hunting!!


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  3. Angola/South West Afrika Terrain Beta

    I know everyone here has been waiting for a Border War terrain and have been salivating over the few screen shots released over the years... The wait is over!
    This terrain is a Massive terrain covering most of South West Afrika with the Caprivi Strip, as well as Almost all of Angola as well as much of Botswana, some of Zambia and a small portion of the Congo. It is meant to cover the entirety of the Border War Conflict between FAPLA, SWAPO and the SADF, UNITA and SWADF. The Terrain covers many types of environments from the Skeleton Coast to the wetlands to the great plains and Bush of Ovomboland. This is meant to be a truly African terrain to fly the assortment of South African Air Force birds available here at CA.
    This terrain was truly a team effort that started a few years ago and has passed through many hands along the way. The terrain was originally started by Centurion 1 and Coupi back in the 2013ish time frame and has been held and slowly worked on by a dedicated team here at CA comprised of but not limited to...
    Stratos, Ludo.m54, Jeanba, Pualopanz, Coupi, recently me Spudknocker and even more recently tiospilotos...
    I have brought together all of the pieces left behind by Centurion 1 and others and brought the terrain up to a playable and very fun level to share here at CA.
    This really is a BETA release to show everyone what we have been working on! If you have any suggestions or want to help out with this project feel free to PM me, Coupi or Jeanba!
    I could not have done so without Mue's AMAZING target area editor, Gerwin's FANTASTIC TFD tool and last but not least Wrench's incredible wealth of strike fighters knowledge.
    Also included here with the terrain are several SAM's modified slightly from the original SF2 SAMs package for use by Angola as well as a stand in Impala MkII and SAAF Alouette III helicopter.
    More SAAF and FAPLA related skins and aircraft will be released shortly!
    Thanks for everyone's support here at CA and everyone's patience in waiting for this terrain.


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  4. Strike Eagle FM and Loadout Enhancement Kit

    3.3- Added F-15I_Raam decals folder as it occurred to me not everyone has that specific Raam decal folder name
    3.2-Fixed an error in the F-15I Ra'am's AIrcraftdata section and updated all variant's gross weight's thanks to Fanatic Modder bringing to my attention that the wing pylons weights were added twice to the aircraft's mass. Also more refinements to the AI statements for happy wingmen!
    3.0- Best update yet! Redone AI statements for all Strike Eagle Variants, your wingmen and all AI will finally be able to drop dumb bombs on target! Also fixes AI strafing runs and the Strike Eagles will be able to strafe ground targets with accuracy! Also added some nice hanger and loading screens to the F-15SG as some extra eye Candy! Enjoy your new wingies!
    Update 2.5-Fixed CBU Attack loadout! Updated FM even more! Suggestions always welcome!
    This is a FM and loadout enhancement package first started by Crusader to kinda bring the Strike Eagle family more up to date with recent advances in SF2 modding ability! This mod changes the order of release for the CFT weapon stations and allows for more customized loadouts in the loadout menu before a mission. These changes along with a new STRIKE loadout of MK82's allows the AI to more easily hit a target. The FM changes are just updates to the FM and more realistic gross weights/Loaded weights etc and should help the AI better manage Flying the Strike Eagle and all its variants. Small updates were also made to the LANTIRN systems of all the jets. Also is an updated F-15i skin touched up by me. This pack covers the F-15 Strike Eagle variants from FastCargo's F-15 Super Pack including the
    and F-15SG
    Now we just need a new strike eagle cockpit!
    Thank you especially to Fastcargo for his F-15 pack and crusader for starting the FM mod, and anyone else who has contributed to the F-15's and everyone on CA!
    If I've messed anything up feel free to PM me and I can see what I can do to fix the issue! Happy SCUD Hunting or Iranian nuclear bunker busting!


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  5. F-16E/F Block 60 REDUX

    F-16E and E Block 60 Desert Falcon's redone!
    I uploaded a older E/F pack that was pretty awful to be honest here is a much better redo!
    Made using the Block 50/52 models now to make it look better in general as well as some updates to the skin!
    Built using the Greek and Turkish F-16's as a base so if you have those the E/F should work just fine! You should already have all the weapons and sounds from earlier F-16 packs! Happy Hunting in the Gulf!
    Thank you to the Viper Team and everyone else who has worked on the SF2 vipers or this would never have been possible!


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  6. Su-30MKI Flanker Indian Air Force

    The Sukhoi Su-30MKI[3] (NATO reporting name: Flanker-H) is a twinjet Multirole Air superiority fighter developed by Russia's Sukhoi and built under licence by India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force (IAF). A variant of the Sukhoi Su-30, it is a heavy, all-weather, long-range fighter.
    Development of the variant started after India signed a deal with Russia in 2000 to manufacture 140 Su-30 fighter jets.[4] The first Russian-made Su-30MKI variant was accepted into the Indian Air Force in 2002,[5] while the first indigenously assembled Su-30MKI entered service with the IAF in 2004.[6] Additional MKIs have been ordered to increase the total to 272. The IAF had 200 Su-30MKIs in service as of August 2014.[1] The Su-30MKI is expected to form the backbone of the Indian Air Force's fighter fleet to 2020 and beyond
    This is a simple mod of my Earlier Su-30MKM, these are not perfect by any means I just wanted to have an MKI in my SF2 jet library. Please feel free to modify as you wish I know other modders can make this jet even better!, please credit me, Spudknocker, for anything uploaded for download. Please adhere to the Combat ace fair use agreement and no payware please! Have Fun!


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  7. Su-30MKM Flanker Royal Malaysian Air Force

    The Sukhoi Su-30MKM (Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Malaysia – Modernized Export Malaysia) is a supermaneuverable fighter of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. It is a variant of the Su-30 series fighters, with many significant improvements over the original Su-30MK export version.[2] The Su-30MKM was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and is based on the Su-30MKI of the Indian Air Force. Both aircraft have common airframe, thrust vectoring engines and digital fly-by-wire system, However the MKM version differs from the MKI mainly in the composition of the on board avionics.[1] It can carry up to 8,000 kg/ 17,650 lb of weapons and payloads over 700 nmi unrefueled combat radius.[2]
    In 2003, the Su-30MKM was selected by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). In August 2003, during the course of President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Malaysia, the contract for the Su-30MKM aircraft was signed. Except for Russian MiG-29s, the RMAF has previously operated aircraft of Western origin. At the time of delivery the Su-30MKMs were the most advanced and heavy fighters in SouthEast Asia.
    This is my first attempt at making a Malaysian Su-30MKM, I am still new to the modding community and if anyone has any suggestions or wants to add anything please let me know! Currently working on an Su-30MKI as well.


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  8. F-16E/F Block 60 Desert Falcon Pack

    The United Arab Emirates choose the F-16 as its next strike fighter after lessons learned from the 1991 Gulf War In which its Mirage F.1s were unable to fly in due to IFF considerations due to the Iraqi F.1's. The Emirati government wanted an F-16 variant that was more advanced than the Block 50/52 standard and funded the development of the F-16E/F Block 60, and are internally the most advanced F-16's in the world and incorporate 5th generation features such as an internal FLIR/Laser targeting system negating the need for an external pod. More can be seen here F-16_Fighting_Falcon_variants.
    The Block 60's included use the standard sound files found in all other F-16 packs the only instillation should be putting the aircraft and pilots in the correct folders.
    Thank you to combat ace and its community for showing me how to skin and build Ini's
    Thank you to specter870 for creating the original Data INI's for the F-16I.
    This is my first aircraft mod if any issues feel free to put a message on my profile or change something yourself! Happy Hunting!


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