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Angola/South West Afrika Terrain Beta V1

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About This File

I know everyone here has been waiting for a Border War terrain and have been salivating over the few screen shots released over the years... The wait is over!


This terrain is a Massive terrain covering most of South West Afrika with the Caprivi Strip, as well as Almost all of Angola as well as much of Botswana, some of Zambia and a small portion of the Congo. It is meant to cover the entirety of the Border War Conflict between FAPLA, SWAPO and the SADF, UNITA and SWADF. The Terrain covers many types of environments from the Skeleton Coast to the wetlands to the great plains and Bush of Ovomboland. This is meant to be a truly African terrain to fly the assortment of South African Air Force birds available here at CA.


This terrain was truly a team effort that started a few years ago and has passed through many hands along the way. The terrain was originally started by Centurion 1 and Coupi back in the 2013ish time frame and has been held and slowly worked on by a dedicated team here at CA comprised of but not limited to...


Stratos, Ludo.m54, Jeanba, Pualopanz, Coupi, recently me Spudknocker and even more recently tiospilotos...


I have brought together all of the pieces left behind by Centurion 1 and others and brought the terrain up to a playable and very fun level to share here at CA.


This really is a BETA release to show everyone what we have been working on! If you have any suggestions or want to help out with this project feel free to PM me, Coupi or Jeanba!


I could not have done so without Mue's AMAZING target area editor, Gerwin's FANTASTIC TFD tool and last but not least Wrench's incredible wealth of strike fighters knowledge.


Also included here with the terrain are several SAM's modified slightly from the original SF2 SAMs package for use by Angola as well as a stand in Impala MkII and SAAF Alouette III helicopter.


More SAAF and FAPLA related skins and aircraft will be released shortly!


Thanks for everyone's support here at CA and everyone's patience in waiting for this terrain.

What's New in Version V1


  • First Beta Release

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I've been waiting for this since forever! Many many many thanks! This will go great with the SAAF Mirage packs I've previously been using with Mali terrain.

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Thank You!  You have done something many have tried and never finished over many years!  You are to be highly commended! This adds great life to a really outstanding sim!!!!

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