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  1. Hello Pol

    Back in July of last year, on Sim HQ messaging, we talked about including some of my skins in the WOFF skin pack.  

    I have learned a lot and believe I have all the issues you were having with them eliminated.

    Are you still interested in them for a future update or revision?

    I have at lease 300 maybe 500 or so out of the 1,000 + in the skins Mods that would be acceptable.  No relabeled skins and the image quality issues are fixed.  All of the skins that are from the older generation of Mods have been remade with better techniques and non of these replace any existing WOFF skin.  Although, I have some replacements that I will ask you to consider, based on some of the new information that has come out since the old skins were made, but that's an aside and a separate issue.

    I can send them in a separate zip with an installer or I can send you BMPs, whichever works best for you.


    All the best

    Jerry Herd (jerbear)

    1. Polovski


      Hi Jerry,  that may be good, best to send me a Private message rather than on my profile here.


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