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  1. Talon SF2

  2. 16.10 update seemed to have fixed it. Even on a fresh install before I still had CTD's. Side note: Arma 3 runs way better in 16.10 using windows mem allocator if anyone was interested o:
  3. US Navy Attack Squadron 97 (VA-97) "Warhawks" Skin Pack

    Instead of using an autoexec.cfg route, why not just make it JSGME ready? Just curious.
  4. Thanks for the reply, thought I never would get one. Is there some crash or dump log I can find and post with this? Recently I've been noticing a lot of my games don't/won't run fullscreen because they freeze instantly or just black screen on the main menu. Could this be a processor issue?
  5. For the longest time the 15x drivers from AMD worked wonders in SF2. I'd only crash because of terrain loading (that hope killing 80% loading CTD) on some community made maps like Korea and Green Hell. But now I can't even get into the menu without hard restarting my computer, even if I did get the game to close it'd still run in the background and refuse to close. But when I do get into game I don't have that problem until I either quit or complete a mission. Another thing is when I know it's gonna happen SF2 loads instantly, usually takes at least a minute or so to boot to the menu. Recently the 16x drivers, the 16.9.2 driver to be exact, haven't been agreeing with SF2 lately. Mainly the black menu deal, or black menu after a mission. Alt tabbing is a no go, I uninstalled mods and reinstalled, tried with no mods, tried reinstalling the game, ran it admin, ran it outside the C drive, ran it in a folder with no security restrictions, ran it without the AV on... You get the idea. I do have 5 full installed and merged and I do play all my games in separate folders for eras/sides. My crappy rig: R5 240 w/ 16.9.2 Drivers AMD A4-5300 HD 3.50GHz Dual Core Win 8.1 x64 8GB RAM stock Foxtech Things I've done in BIOS: AMD Cool n Quiet is off, S4/5 state is off, Precision Clock is off Oh and please don't tell me get a Nividia... Can't afford them. Other than that I'm at a miss here. Here's my options.ini for Israel for example:
  6. Su-37 Yellow Squadron skinpack

    Oh sweet dude, I have a Yellow skin for DCS. This is perfect if I'm feeling more laid back about flying. This is great thank you! P.S. Symmetry patterns are nice sometimes, don't feel bad!
  7. SF2 F-15 Strike Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

    Holy crap my birthday came early this year! I never thought I'd see this day come, once I get Warframe updated I'm getting your other pack ASAP! You're awesome dude, made my day 100x better! :D
  8. Try using model enlargement. It's under gameplay settings, it slightly magnifies aircraft and vehicles. Really helps if you have a small screen, but also won't nuke your computer with that urge to turn up anitaliasing if you have a big screen because of screen tearing. But if you don't want that you're kinda out of luck, unless I'm missing something. I've played DCS on a mild rig and I still had problems engaging targets within 10-5 miles without having to turn up MSAA to 8 and stare at the pixels on my screen trying to see if it's a MiG or Sukhoi. But don't feel bad man, I'm bottle necking so freaking hard on my R5 240 that turning on the LITENING pod and Maverick cam would end my frame's life. Sometimes you have to choose over handicaps over frames.
  9. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    This is odd, I tried using both Manual and with blowback, the wings seem to be tied with my flaps. When I retract flaps all the way it fully retracts my wings, doesn't make me crash but I sure accelerate quickly. Do I have to specify it to be an animation and not just a device, or is that even possible..? Or having to list each pivot stage as an animation? Tried using these lines in the ini. (I'm new to modding please bear with me lol) SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE AreaRatio=1.05 DeploymentMethod=MANUAL InputName=ANIMATION_1 <--- That's bounded to Shift+1 on default. SmoothDeployment=TRUE
  10. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Awesome mod! I read in the overview I could change wing swing from automatic to manual. Didn't see how you can do that, unless I missed something skimming through the overview. It said change something in the F-14.ini, what exactly do I change?
  11. Evening Run

    First ever anything on this website besides downloading, been a proud member for a while modding the living jebezuz out of SF2. This place has made my day with new uploads and new toys to blow stuff up with! Thought you might like a sunset underbelly view. -Raz Aircraft Copyright goes to Spudknocker RU weapons to respected creators

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