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  1. we really need a high quality F-35 mod and cockpit,good work Simon! I also hope we can get a high quality F-14A、B、D cockpit
  2. the UHF,114514 1919810 ,This string of numbers is also too smelly
  3. can you add the ceterline heavy station of su-33 to use Kh-41?
  4. thanks for your answer,what should i do to change that?
  5. all of plane and Cruise Missile,when I fire the Cruise Missile ,the missile would hit my plane,my plane explode by Cruise missile
  6. I meet a annoying problem:when I fire the Cruise Missile ,my plane would explode. what should I do to solve this problem?
  7. I remember YEYEYE told me that someone want to make a new Su-24 mod, so he made this cockpit, but someone isn't finished the su-24 mod, so he share this cockpit to us,but he didn't share that to ather people
  8. some one shared me that file in 2016, but I find that lod is 2007, in CA mod, the lod is 2009
  9. the cockpit is YEYEYE,I know,but the plane mod i don't know
  10. How to make the radar screen appear in the upper right corner of the screen?
  11. I think I have a more serious problem,I bought a new laptop,1660ti,after opening the game shortcut, I can only hear the music and can't see any pictures, including the settings screen,What should I do to restore the normal operation of the game? please help me!

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